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GEO_Breakpoint Class Reference

#include <GEO_Breakpoint.h>

Public Types

typedef int(* iteratePointFuncPtr )(void *data, GEO_Detail &gdp, GA_Offset ptoff)
typedef int(* iterateVertexFuncPtr )(void *data, GA_Offset vtx, int linear_index)

Static Public Member Functions

static int evaluate (const GA_Breakpoint &bkpt, UT_Vector4 &pos, int du=0, int dv=0)
static int iterateOverCVs (const GA_Breakpoint &bkpt, void *data, iteratePointFuncPtr func)
static int iterateOverCVs (const GA_Breakpoint &bkpt, void *data, iterateVertexFuncPtr func)
static void getKnotIndices (const GA_Breakpoint &bkpt, int &ukidx, int &vkidx, const GA_Basis **ubasis_ret=0, const GA_Basis **vbasis_ret=0)
static void getParameter (const GA_Breakpoint &bkpt, float &u, float &v)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file GEO_Breakpoint.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* GEO_Breakpoint::iteratePointFuncPtr)(void *data, GEO_Detail &gdp, GA_Offset ptoff)

Definition at line 27 of file GEO_Breakpoint.h.

typedef int(* GEO_Breakpoint::iterateVertexFuncPtr)(void *data, GA_Offset vtx, int linear_index)

Definition at line 29 of file GEO_Breakpoint.h.

Member Function Documentation

static int GEO_Breakpoint::evaluate ( const GA_Breakpoint bkpt,
UT_Vector4 pos,
int  du = 0,
int  dv = 0 
static void GEO_Breakpoint::getKnotIndices ( const GA_Breakpoint bkpt,
int ukidx,
int vkidx,
const GA_Basis **  ubasis_ret = 0,
const GA_Basis **  vbasis_ret = 0 
static void GEO_Breakpoint::getParameter ( const GA_Breakpoint bkpt,
float u,
float v 
static int GEO_Breakpoint::iterateOverCVs ( const GA_Breakpoint bkpt,
void data,
iteratePointFuncPtr  func 
static int GEO_Breakpoint::iterateOverCVs ( const GA_Breakpoint bkpt,
void data,
iterateVertexFuncPtr  func 

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