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GU_EdgeVerifier Class Reference

#include <GU_EdgeVerifier.h>

Public Member Functions

 GU_EdgeVerifier (const GA_Detail &gdp)
bool isValidEdge (const GA_Edge &e)
GA_OffsetArray getEdgePrimitives (const GA_Edge &e)
 Returns the list of primitive that share this edge. More...
void reset ()

Detailed Description

This is a utility class to verify, in an iterative fashion, whether an edge is topologically valid for the given detail. The lifetime of this class should not exceed the lifetime of the detail passed in. Note also that if the topology of detail changes, the

Definition at line 28 of file GU_EdgeVerifier.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_EdgeVerifier::GU_EdgeVerifier ( const GA_Detail gdp)

Member Function Documentation

GA_OffsetArray GU_EdgeVerifier::getEdgePrimitives ( const GA_Edge e)

Returns the list of primitive that share this edge.

bool GU_EdgeVerifier::isValidEdge ( const GA_Edge e)

Check if the given edge forms a valid topological edge and return true if so.

void GU_EdgeVerifier::reset ( )

Reset the edge verifier internal state. This should be called in case the topology changes, such as a point/primitive added, deleted, or re-ordered.

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