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GU_IsectCurveSet Class Reference

#include <GU_IsectCurveSet.h>

Public Member Functions

 GU_IsectCurveSet ()
 ~GU_IsectCurveSet ()
void merge (GU_IsectCurve *curve)
void merge (GU_IsectCurveSet &curveset)
void merge (GU_IsectCurve &curve)
void mergeCopy (GU_IsectCurve *curve)
void mergeCopy (const GU_IsectCurveSet &curveset)
int isEmpty () const
int numCurves () const
void reset ()
void setSurfaces (GEO_TPSurf *surfxy, GEO_TPSurf *surfzw)
void reparameterize (const UT_Vector4 &start, const UT_Vector4 &length)
GU_IsectCurve *& operator() (int i)
GU_IsectCurveoperator() (int i) const
int operator== (const GU_IsectCurveSet &curveSet)
GU_IsectNode * findNode (const UT_Vector4 &p, const UT_Vector4 &tol) const
GU_IsectNode * findNearestNode (const UT_Vector4 &p, int surface, float tol, GU_IsectNode *ignore) const
GU_IsectNode * createNode (const UT_Vector4 &p)
void compact (const UT_Vector4 &tol, float looptolxy, float looptolzw, int ignoredir=1)
int resolveTachnodes (int surface, float tol)
void findCurveDirections (int signxy=1, int signzw=1)
void generateProfiles (int surface, int trim=0, int direction=1, GA_PrimitiveGroup *profgroup=0, float tol=1e-3F, bool *buildloop=0) const
void stretchToDomain (int surface, const UT_BoundingRect &rect, float tol)
void cutByTrimLoops (int surface, const GD_TrimLoop *cutter, int inside=1)

Protected Member Functions

int verifyNetwork () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 147 of file GU_IsectCurveSet.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_IsectCurveSet::GU_IsectCurveSet ( )
GU_IsectCurveSet::~GU_IsectCurveSet ( )

Member Function Documentation

void GU_IsectCurveSet::compact ( const UT_Vector4 tol,
float  looptolxy,
float  looptolzw,
int  ignoredir = 1 
GU_IsectNode* GU_IsectCurveSet::createNode ( const UT_Vector4 p)
void GU_IsectCurveSet::cutByTrimLoops ( int  surface,
const GD_TrimLoop cutter,
int  inside = 1 
void GU_IsectCurveSet::findCurveDirections ( int  signxy = 1,
int  signzw = 1 
GU_IsectNode* GU_IsectCurveSet::findNearestNode ( const UT_Vector4 p,
int  surface,
float  tol,
GU_IsectNode *  ignore 
) const
GU_IsectNode* GU_IsectCurveSet::findNode ( const UT_Vector4 p,
const UT_Vector4 tol 
) const
void GU_IsectCurveSet::generateProfiles ( int  surface,
int  trim = 0,
int  direction = 1,
GA_PrimitiveGroup profgroup = 0,
float  tol = 1e-3F,
bool *  buildloop = 0 
) const
int GU_IsectCurveSet::isEmpty ( ) const

Definition at line 170 of file GU_IsectCurveSet.h.

void GU_IsectCurveSet::merge ( GU_IsectCurve curve)
void GU_IsectCurveSet::merge ( GU_IsectCurveSet curveset)
void GU_IsectCurveSet::merge ( GU_IsectCurve curve)
void GU_IsectCurveSet::mergeCopy ( GU_IsectCurve curve)
void GU_IsectCurveSet::mergeCopy ( const GU_IsectCurveSet curveset)
int GU_IsectCurveSet::numCurves ( ) const

Definition at line 172 of file GU_IsectCurveSet.h.

GU_IsectCurve*& GU_IsectCurveSet::operator() ( int  i)

Definition at line 185 of file GU_IsectCurveSet.h.

GU_IsectCurve* GU_IsectCurveSet::operator() ( int  i) const

Definition at line 186 of file GU_IsectCurveSet.h.

int GU_IsectCurveSet::operator== ( const GU_IsectCurveSet curveSet)

Definition at line 190 of file GU_IsectCurveSet.h.

void GU_IsectCurveSet::reparameterize ( const UT_Vector4 start,
const UT_Vector4 length 
void GU_IsectCurveSet::reset ( )
int GU_IsectCurveSet::resolveTachnodes ( int  surface,
float  tol 
void GU_IsectCurveSet::setSurfaces ( GEO_TPSurf surfxy,
GEO_TPSurf surfzw 

Definition at line 176 of file GU_IsectCurveSet.h.

void GU_IsectCurveSet::stretchToDomain ( int  surface,
const UT_BoundingRect rect,
float  tol 
int GU_IsectCurveSet::verifyNetwork ( ) const

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