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GU_IsoAdaptive Class Reference

#include <GU_IsoAdaptive.h>

Public Member Functions

 GU_IsoAdaptive ()
virtual ~GU_IsoAdaptive ()
void isosurface (GU_Detail *gdp, GU_IsoAdaptiveSampler &sampler, UT_Vector3 seedpos, float tol, float maxchange, bool closegaps, bool flipedges, bool computenml, bool stopatvolume)

Protected Member Functions

gu_isotri * buildSeedTri (UT_Vector3 seedpos)
bool growEdge (gu_isoedge *edge, bool stopatvolume)
bool checkOverlap (gu_isotri *ntri, UT_Vector3 testpos, gu_isotri *ignore, float searchscale)
bool cutEar (gu_isoedge *edge)

Detailed Description

GU_IsoAdaptive is a verb class to do an adaptive surfacing of an iso surface.

Definition at line 130 of file GU_IsoAdaptive.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_IsoAdaptive::GU_IsoAdaptive ( )
virtual GU_IsoAdaptive::~GU_IsoAdaptive ( )

Member Function Documentation

gu_isotri* GU_IsoAdaptive::buildSeedTri ( UT_Vector3  seedpos)

Searchs outwards from seedpos to build an equaliteral triangle settled to the surface

bool GU_IsoAdaptive::checkOverlap ( gu_isotri *  ntri,
UT_Vector3  testpos,
gu_isotri *  ignore,
float  searchscale 

Checks if the given point is within an overlap of another triangle. The maxedge length of the triangles in question will be scaled by the searchscale

bool GU_IsoAdaptive::cutEar ( gu_isoedge *  edge)

Looks at this edge and its successive edge to see if they are close enough together to form an ear to cut off.

bool GU_IsoAdaptive::growEdge ( gu_isoedge *  edge,
bool  stopatvolume 

Given an edge grows it into an equaliteral triangle scaled to the surface. Returns false if fails, and does nothing then.

void GU_IsoAdaptive::isosurface ( GU_Detail gdp,
GU_IsoAdaptiveSampler sampler,
UT_Vector3  seedpos,
float  tol,
float  maxchange,
bool  closegaps,
bool  flipedges,
bool  computenml,
bool  stopatvolume 

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