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GU_PolyExtrudeParms Class Reference

#include <GU_PolyExtrude.h>

Public Member Functions

 GU_PolyExtrudeParms ()
void setLocalXform (const UT_Matrix4 &mat, GU_PolyExtrudeXformCallback cb)
const UT_Matrix4getLocalXform (int primnum) const
void setGlobalXform (const UT_Matrix4 &mat, GU_PolyExtrudeXformCallback cb)
const UT_Matrix4getGlobalXform (int primnum) const
void setInset (float inset, GU_PolyExtrudeInsetCallback cb)
float getInset (int primnum, int vtxnum, int ptnum) const
void setDivisions (int div, GU_PolyExtrudeDivCallback cb)
int getDivisions (int primnum) const
bool isFusing (unsigned int bit) const
bool isConsolidatePerPoint () const
bool isConsolidateAll () const

Public Attributes

const GA_GroupmyGroup
bool myOutputFront
bool myOutputBack
bool myOutputSide
bool myPreserveGroups
bool myRemoveZeroAreaSides
bool myRemoveSharedSides
unsigned int myConsolidatePoints
GU_PolyExtrudeSymmetryAxis mySymmetryAxis
GU_PolyExtrudeKeepSharedPoints myKeepSharedPointsTogether
bool myOrientEdgeFaces
float myTolerance
GU_PolyExtrudeXformCallback myLocalXformCallback
GU_PolyExtrudeXformCallback myGlobalXformCallback
GU_PolyExtrudeInsetCallback myInsetCallback
GU_PolyExtrudeDivCallback myDivCallback

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_PolyExtrudeParms::GU_PolyExtrudeParms ( )

Member Function Documentation

int GU_PolyExtrudeParms::getDivisions ( int  primnum) const
const UT_Matrix4& GU_PolyExtrudeParms::getGlobalXform ( int  primnum) const
float GU_PolyExtrudeParms::getInset ( int  primnum,
int  vtxnum,
int  ptnum 
) const
const UT_Matrix4& GU_PolyExtrudeParms::getLocalXform ( int  primnum) const
bool GU_PolyExtrudeParms::isConsolidateAll ( ) const
bool GU_PolyExtrudeParms::isConsolidatePerPoint ( ) const
bool GU_PolyExtrudeParms::isFusing ( unsigned int  bit) const
void GU_PolyExtrudeParms::setDivisions ( int  div,
GU_PolyExtrudeDivCallback  cb 
void GU_PolyExtrudeParms::setGlobalXform ( const UT_Matrix4 mat,
GU_PolyExtrudeXformCallback  cb 
void GU_PolyExtrudeParms::setInset ( float  inset,
GU_PolyExtrudeInsetCallback  cb 
void GU_PolyExtrudeParms::setLocalXform ( const UT_Matrix4 mat,
GU_PolyExtrudeXformCallback  cb 

Member Data Documentation

GA_PrimitiveGroup* GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myBackGroup

Definition at line 78 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

void* GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myCBUserData

Definition at line 137 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

unsigned int GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myConsolidatePoints

Definition at line 92 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

GU_PolyExtrudeDivCallback GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myDivCallback

Definition at line 136 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

GA_PrimitiveGroup* GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myFrontGroup

Definition at line 77 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

GU_PolyExtrudeXformCallback GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myGlobalXformCallback

Definition at line 134 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

const GA_Group* GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myGroup

Definition at line 74 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

GU_PolyExtrudeInsetCallback GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myInsetCallback

Definition at line 135 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

GU_PolyExtrudeKeepSharedPoints GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myKeepSharedPointsTogether

Definition at line 97 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

GU_PolyExtrudeXformCallback GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myLocalXformCallback

Definition at line 133 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

bool GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myOrientEdgeFaces

Definition at line 101 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

bool GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myOutputBack

Definition at line 84 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

bool GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myOutputFront

Definition at line 83 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

GA_Group* GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myOutputGroup

Definition at line 81 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

bool GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myOutputSide

Definition at line 85 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

bool GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myPreserveGroups

Definition at line 87 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

bool GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myRemoveSharedSides

Definition at line 90 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

bool GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myRemoveZeroAreaSides

Definition at line 89 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

GA_PrimitiveGroup* GU_PolyExtrudeParms::mySideGroup

Definition at line 79 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

GU_PolyExtrudeSymmetryAxis GU_PolyExtrudeParms::mySymmetryAxis

Definition at line 95 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

float GU_PolyExtrudeParms::myTolerance

Definition at line 104 of file GU_PolyExtrude.h.

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