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GU_RandomPoint Class Reference

#include <GU_RandomPoint.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void generatePoints (GU_Detail &gdp, int npoints, fpreal seed, UT_FloatArray &probability, const GA_PrimitiveGroup *group, const GA_RWAttributeRef &prim_num=GA_RWAttributeRef(), const GA_RWAttributeRef &prim_uv=GA_RWAttributeRef())
 Random Point Generation. More...
static GA_Range generatePointsFromPoints (GU_Detail *dstgdp, const GU_Detail *srcgdp, const GA_PointGroup *srcptgrp, fpreal ptsperpt, GA_Size npts, fpreal seed, const GA_RWAttributeRef &dstptnumref, const GA_RWAttributeRef &dstptidxref, const GA_ROAttributeRef &srcemitref, const UT_String &attribpattern)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file GU_RandomPoint.h.

Member Function Documentation

static void GU_RandomPoint::generatePoints ( GU_Detail gdp,
int  npoints,
fpreal  seed,
UT_FloatArray probability,
const GA_PrimitiveGroup group,
const GA_RWAttributeRef prim_num = GA_RWAttributeRef(),
const GA_RWAttributeRef prim_uv = GA_RWAttributeRef() 

Random Point Generation.

This method generates random points from the primitives in the detail. gdp - geometry containing the primitives (and which will contain the points) npoints - The number of points to generate seed - random number seed probability - A probability array. There should be one entry per primitive which determines the probabilty of that primitive having a point generated from it. group - Optionally, only generate from this group of primitives prim_num - Store the primitive number associated with the scattered point prim_uv - Store the primitive's u/v associated with the point

Points will be generated using as close to a uniform distribution as possible (in uv space on the primitives). The point locations should remain constant based on primitive number, regardless of shearing or scaling.

static GA_Range GU_RandomPoint::generatePointsFromPoints ( GU_Detail dstgdp,
const GU_Detail srcgdp,
const GA_PointGroup srcptgrp,
fpreal  ptsperpt,
GA_Size  npts,
fpreal  seed,
const GA_RWAttributeRef dstptnumref,
const GA_RWAttributeRef dstptidxref,
const GA_ROAttributeRef srcemitref,
const UT_String attribpattern 

This method generates random points from the points in the detail. dstgdp geometry which will contain the generated points srcgdp geometry which will contains the source points (can be the same as dstgdp) srcptgrp the source point group from which to generate points ptsperpt- Whether the npts parameter indicates the total number of number of points to generate or the number per point. npoints - The number of points to generate (total or per-point) seed - random number seed ptnum - Store the point number of the source point. ptidx - Store the index for each point within a particular source point. For example if a particular source point generates ten points, this attribute's values will range from 0-9. emit - An attribute that holds the probability for each source point, which determines the probabilty of that point having points generated from it. attribs - A pattern of attributes to copy from the source points to the generated points.

Returns - a contiguous range containing the generated points.

In ptsperpt mode, the source point's "id" attribute will be used for stable random probability generation.

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