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GU_SDFParms Class Reference

#include <GU_SDF.h>

Public Types

enum  sdfMode {

Public Member Functions

 GU_SDFParms ()
virtual ~GU_SDFParms ()
void setMode (sdfMode mode)
 These set the general method by which the SDF is computed. More...
sdfMode getMode () const
void setPlaneAxis (const UT_Vector3 &axis)
 This sets the axis used for planar SDFs. More...
const UT_Vector3getPlaneAxis () const
void setDivisions (int divx, int divy, int divz)
void getDivisions (int &divx, int &divy, int &divz) const
void setInvert (bool invert)
 Determines if we should invert the sense of the SDFs field. More...
bool getInvert () const
void setOffset (fpreal offset)
 Sets the offset applied to the SDF's field. More...
fpreal getOffset () const
void setTol (fpreal tol)
fpreal getTol () const
void setVolume (UT_VoxelArrayF *vol)
UT_VoxelArrayFgetVolume () const
void setBBox (const UT_BoundingBox &bbox)
bool hasBBox () const
void getBBox (UT_BoundingBox &bbox) const
void setLaserScan (bool laserscan)
bool getLaserScan () const
void setFixSigns (int fixsigns)
 FixSigns uses consensus methods to recover from holes. More...
int getFixSigns () const
void setForceBounds (bool forcebounds)
bool getForceBounds () const
void setMaxDistance (fpreal dist)
fpreal getMaxDistance () const
void setNumNeighbour (int numneighbour)
int getNumNeighbour () const
void setSweepCount (int sweepcount)
int getSweepCount () const
void setSweepThreshold (fpreal sweepthreshold)
fpreal getSweepThreshold () const
void setIsoContour (fpreal iso)
fpreal getIsoContour () const
void setAlignedVolume (bool aligned)
bool getAlignedVolume () const
void setMatchSourceSign ()
bool getMatchSourceSign () const
void setVolumeBuildFIM (bool activator)
bool getVolumeBuildFIM () const
void setToleranceFIM (fpreal tol)
fpreal getToleranceFIM () const
void setIterationsFIM (int iters)
int getIterationsFIM () const

Detailed Description

GU_SDFParms All the parameters to build an SDF can be set using this class

Definition at line 107 of file GU_SDF.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 113 of file GU_SDF.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_SDFParms::GU_SDFParms ( )
virtual GU_SDFParms::~GU_SDFParms ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool GU_SDFParms::getAlignedVolume ( ) const

Definition at line 208 of file GU_SDF.h.

void GU_SDFParms::getBBox ( UT_BoundingBox bbox) const
void GU_SDFParms::getDivisions ( int divx,
int divy,
int divz 
) const
int GU_SDFParms::getFixSigns ( ) const
bool GU_SDFParms::getForceBounds ( ) const
bool GU_SDFParms::getInvert ( ) const
fpreal GU_SDFParms::getIsoContour ( ) const

Definition at line 205 of file GU_SDF.h.

int GU_SDFParms::getIterationsFIM ( ) const

Definition at line 223 of file GU_SDF.h.

bool GU_SDFParms::getLaserScan ( ) const
bool GU_SDFParms::getMatchSourceSign ( ) const
fpreal GU_SDFParms::getMaxDistance ( ) const
sdfMode GU_SDFParms::getMode ( ) const
int GU_SDFParms::getNumNeighbour ( ) const
fpreal GU_SDFParms::getOffset ( ) const
const UT_Vector3& GU_SDFParms::getPlaneAxis ( ) const
int GU_SDFParms::getSweepCount ( ) const

Definition at line 199 of file GU_SDF.h.

fpreal GU_SDFParms::getSweepThreshold ( ) const

Definition at line 202 of file GU_SDF.h.

fpreal GU_SDFParms::getTol ( ) const
fpreal GU_SDFParms::getToleranceFIM ( ) const

Definition at line 220 of file GU_SDF.h.

UT_VoxelArrayF* GU_SDFParms::getVolume ( ) const
bool GU_SDFParms::getVolumeBuildFIM ( ) const

Definition at line 217 of file GU_SDF.h.

bool GU_SDFParms::hasBBox ( ) const
void GU_SDFParms::setAlignedVolume ( bool  aligned)

Definition at line 207 of file GU_SDF.h.

void GU_SDFParms::setBBox ( const UT_BoundingBox bbox)

Sets the bounding box which the SDF will be sampled in. Note that the bounding box should fully contain the geometry or settings like ForceBounds become meaningless. If this method is not called, the bounding box will be set to the bounding box of the GDP increased by the expandBounds function.

void GU_SDFParms::setDivisions ( int  divx,
int  divy,
int  divz 

Sets the divisions used by the SDF. The given values represent the number of cells that will be present in each direction. The SDF samples the center of the cells to determine their values.

void GU_SDFParms::setFixSigns ( int  fixsigns)

FixSigns uses consensus methods to recover from holes.

void GU_SDFParms::setForceBounds ( bool  forcebounds)

ForceBounds forces all of the outermost voxels to be marked as outside. This only applies when FixSigns is set.

void GU_SDFParms::setInvert ( bool  invert)

Determines if we should invert the sense of the SDFs field.

void GU_SDFParms::setIsoContour ( fpreal  iso)

Definition at line 204 of file GU_SDF.h.

void GU_SDFParms::setIterationsFIM ( int  iters)

Definition at line 222 of file GU_SDF.h.

void GU_SDFParms::setLaserScan ( bool  laserscan)

LaserScan will consider only the most extreme intersections along each axis, allowing geometry with bad normals or holes to process. This is only used with ray-based methods.

void GU_SDFParms::setMatchSourceSign ( )
void GU_SDFParms::setMaxDistance ( fpreal  dist)

Sets the maximum distance to which the SDF will be evaluated. Theoritically, things outside this distance will be left at +/- infinitity. In practice, this is still not used.

void GU_SDFParms::setMode ( sdfMode  mode)

These set the general method by which the SDF is computed.

void GU_SDFParms::setNumNeighbour ( int  numneighbour)

Sets the number of neighbours inspected for doing MLS computation when constructing from a point cloud.

void GU_SDFParms::setOffset ( fpreal  offset)

Sets the offset applied to the SDF's field.

void GU_SDFParms::setPlaneAxis ( const UT_Vector3 axis)

This sets the axis used for planar SDFs.

void GU_SDFParms::setSweepCount ( int  sweepcount)

Definition at line 198 of file GU_SDF.h.

void GU_SDFParms::setSweepThreshold ( fpreal  sweepthreshold)

Definition at line 201 of file GU_SDF.h.

void GU_SDFParms::setTol ( fpreal  tol)

Sets the tolerance to be used for ray intersection This is multiplied by the bounding box size of the sdf to determine the final tolerance.

void GU_SDFParms::setToleranceFIM ( fpreal  tol)

Definition at line 219 of file GU_SDF.h.

void GU_SDFParms::setVolume ( UT_VoxelArrayF vol)

Sets the volume used for building the sdf. This must match the resolution of the sdf's parameters.

void GU_SDFParms::setVolumeBuildFIM ( bool  activator)

Definition at line 216 of file GU_SDF.h.

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