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GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <glContext.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual GLF_API ~GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface ()
 GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface (const GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface &)=delete
GlfGLContextRegistrationInterfaceoperator= (const GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface &)=delete
virtual GlfGLContextSharedPtr GetShared ()=0
virtual GlfGLContextSharedPtr GetCurrent ()=0

Protected Member Functions

GLF_API GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface ()

Detailed Description

Interface for registering a GlfGLContext system.

If you subclass GlfGLContext you should subclass this type and instantiate an instance on the heap. It will be cleaned up automatically.

Definition at line 329 of file glContext.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual GLF_API GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface::~GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface ( )
GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface::GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface ( const GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface )
GLF_API GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface::GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual GlfGLContextSharedPtr GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface::GetCurrent ( )
pure virtual

Whatever your GLContext system thinks is the current GL context may not really be the current context if another system has since changed the context. This method should return what it thinks is the current context. If it thinks there is no current context it should return NULL.

virtual GlfGLContextSharedPtr GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface::GetShared ( )
pure virtual

If this GLContext system supports a shared context this should return it. This will be called at most once.

GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface& GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface::operator= ( const GlfGLContextRegistrationInterface )

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