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GlfSimpleMaterial Class Referencefinal

#include <simpleMaterial.h>

Public Member Functions

GLF_API GlfSimpleMaterial ()
GLF_API ~GlfSimpleMaterial ()
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetAmbient () const
GLF_API void SetAmbient (GfVec4f const &ambient)
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetDiffuse () const
GLF_API void SetDiffuse (GfVec4f const &diffuse)
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetSpecular () const
GLF_API void SetSpecular (GfVec4f const &specular)
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetEmission () const
GLF_API void SetEmission (GfVec4f const &specular)
GLF_API double GetShininess () const
GLF_API void SetShininess (double specular)
GLF_API bool operator== (GlfSimpleMaterial const &other) const
GLF_API bool operator!= (GlfSimpleMaterial const &other) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file simpleMaterial.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GLF_API GlfSimpleMaterial::GlfSimpleMaterial ( )
GLF_API GlfSimpleMaterial::~GlfSimpleMaterial ( )

Member Function Documentation

GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleMaterial::GetAmbient ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleMaterial::GetDiffuse ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleMaterial::GetEmission ( ) const
GLF_API double GlfSimpleMaterial::GetShininess ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleMaterial::GetSpecular ( ) const
GLF_API bool GlfSimpleMaterial::operator== ( GlfSimpleMaterial const other) const
GLF_API void GlfSimpleMaterial::SetAmbient ( GfVec4f const ambient)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleMaterial::SetDiffuse ( GfVec4f const diffuse)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleMaterial::SetEmission ( GfVec4f const specular)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleMaterial::SetShininess ( double  specular)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleMaterial::SetSpecular ( GfVec4f const specular)

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