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GusdRefinerCollector Class Reference

#include <refiner.h>


struct  InstPrimEntry
struct  NameInfo

Public Types

using GprimArrayEntry = GusdRefiner::GprimArrayEntry
using GprimArray = GusdRefiner::GprimArray

Public Member Functions

SdfPath add (const SdfPath &path, bool explicitPrimPath, GT_PrimitiveHandle prim, const UT_Matrix4D &xform, const TfToken &purpose, const GusdWriteCtrlFlags &writeCtrlFlags)
void addInstPrim (const SdfPath &path, GT_PrimitiveHandle p, int index=0)
 Add a prim to be added to a point instancer during finish. More...
void finish (GusdRefiner &refiner)

Public Attributes

GusdRefiner::GprimArray m_gprims
std::map< SdfPath, NameInfom_names
std::map< SdfPath, std::vector
< InstPrimEntry > > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 187 of file refiner.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Function Documentation

SdfPath GusdRefinerCollector::add ( const SdfPath path,
bool  explicitPrimPath,
GT_PrimitiveHandle  prim,
const UT_Matrix4D xform,
const TfToken purpose,
const GusdWriteCtrlFlags writeCtrlFlags 
void GusdRefinerCollector::addInstPrim ( const SdfPath path,
GT_PrimitiveHandle  p,
int  index = 0 

Add a prim to be added to a point instancer during finish.

void GusdRefinerCollector::finish ( GusdRefiner refiner)

Member Data Documentation

GusdRefiner::GprimArray GusdRefinerCollector::m_gprims

Definition at line 235 of file refiner.h.

std::map<SdfPath,std::vector<InstPrimEntry> > GusdRefinerCollector::m_instancePrims

Definition at line 244 of file refiner.h.

std::map<SdfPath,NameInfo> GusdRefinerCollector::m_names

Definition at line 238 of file refiner.h.

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