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HOM_IntParmTemplate Class Referenceabstract

#include <HOM_IntParmTemplate.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HOM_IntParmTemplate:

Public Member Functions

 HOM_IntParmTemplate ()
 HOM_IntParmTemplate (const HOM_IntParmTemplate &parm_template)
 ~HOM_IntParmTemplate () override
virtual int minValue ()=0
virtual void setMinValue (int min_value)=0
virtual int maxValue ()=0
virtual void setMaxValue (int max_value)=0
virtual bool minIsStrict ()=0
virtual void setMinIsStrict (bool on)=0
virtual bool maxIsStrict ()=0
virtual void setMaxIsStrict (bool on)=0
virtual std::vector< intdefaultValue ()=0
virtual void setDefaultValue (const std::vector< int > &default_value)=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringdefaultExpression ()=0
virtual void setDefaultExpression (const std::vector< std::string > &default_expression)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_EnumValue * > 
defaultExpressionLanguage ()=0
virtual void setDefaultExpressionLanguage (const std::vector< HOM_EnumValue * > &default_expression_language)=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringmenuItems ()=0
virtual void setMenuItems (const std::vector< std::string > &menu_items)=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringmenuLabels ()=0
virtual void setMenuLabels (const std::vector< std::string > &menu_labels)=0
virtual std::vector< std::stringiconNames ()=0
virtual void setIconNames (const std::vector< std::string > &icon_names)=0
virtual std::string itemGeneratorScript ()=0
virtual void setItemGeneratorScript (const char *item_generator_script)=0
virtual HOM_EnumValueitemGeneratorScriptLanguage ()=0
virtual void setItemGeneratorScriptLanguage (HOM_EnumValue &language)=0
virtual HOM_EnumValuemenuType ()=0
virtual void setMenuType (HOM_EnumValue &menu_type)=0
virtual bool menuUseToken ()=0
virtual void setMenuUseToken (bool menuusetoken)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from HOM_ParmTemplate
 HOM_ParmTemplate ()
 HOM_ParmTemplate (const HOM_ParmTemplate &parm_template)
virtual ~HOM_ParmTemplate ()
virtual bool operator== (HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_ParmTemplate > parm_template)=0
virtual bool operator!= (HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_ParmTemplate > parm_template)=0
virtual int __hash__ ()=0
virtual std::string __repr__ ()=0
virtual HOM_ParmTemplateclone ()=0
virtual std::string name ()=0
virtual void setName (const char *name)=0
virtual std::string label ()=0
virtual void setLabel (const char *label)=0
virtual HOM_EnumValuetype ()=0
virtual HOM_EnumValuedataType ()=0
virtual HOM_EnumValuelook ()=0
virtual void setLook (HOM_EnumValue &look)=0
virtual HOM_EnumValuenamingScheme ()=0
virtual void setNamingScheme (HOM_EnumValue &naming_scheme)=0
virtual int numComponents ()=0
virtual void setNumComponents (int num_components)=0
virtual std::string disableWhen ()=0
virtual void setDisableWhen (const char *disable_when)=0
virtual std::map
< HOM_EnumValue *, std::string
conditionals ()=0
virtual void setConditional (const HOM_EnumValue &cond_type, const char *conditional)=0
virtual bool isHidden ()=0
virtual void hide (bool on)=0
virtual bool isLabelHidden ()=0
virtual void hideLabel (bool on)=0
virtual bool joinsWithNext ()=0
virtual void setJoinWithNext (bool on)=0
bool joinWithNext ()
virtual std::string help ()=0
virtual void setHelp (const char *help)=0
virtual std::string scriptCallback ()=0
virtual void setScriptCallback (const char *script_callback)=0
virtual HOM_EnumValuescriptCallbackLanguage ()=0
virtual void setScriptCallbackLanguage (HOM_EnumValue &script_callback_language)=0
virtual std::map< std::string,
tags ()=0
virtual void setTags (const std::map< std::string, std::string > &tags)=0
virtual std::string asCode (const char *function_name=NULL, const char *variable_name=NULL)=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file HOM_IntParmTemplate.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HOM_IntParmTemplate::HOM_IntParmTemplate ( )

Definition at line 70 of file HOM_IntParmTemplate.h.

HOM_IntParmTemplate::HOM_IntParmTemplate ( const HOM_IntParmTemplate parm_template)

Definition at line 73 of file HOM_IntParmTemplate.h.

HOM_IntParmTemplate::~HOM_IntParmTemplate ( )

Definition at line 78 of file HOM_IntParmTemplate.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::vector<std::string> HOM_IntParmTemplate::defaultExpression ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::vector<HOM_EnumValue *> HOM_IntParmTemplate::defaultExpressionLanguage ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::vector<int> HOM_IntParmTemplate::defaultValue ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::vector<std::string> HOM_IntParmTemplate::iconNames ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::string HOM_IntParmTemplate::itemGeneratorScript ( )
pure virtual
virtual HOM_EnumValue& HOM_IntParmTemplate::itemGeneratorScriptLanguage ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_IntParmTemplate::maxIsStrict ( )
pure virtual
virtual int HOM_IntParmTemplate::maxValue ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::vector<std::string> HOM_IntParmTemplate::menuItems ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::vector<std::string> HOM_IntParmTemplate::menuLabels ( )
pure virtual
virtual HOM_EnumValue& HOM_IntParmTemplate::menuType ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_IntParmTemplate::menuUseToken ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_IntParmTemplate::minIsStrict ( )
pure virtual
virtual int HOM_IntParmTemplate::minValue ( )
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setDefaultExpression ( const std::vector< std::string > &  default_expression)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setDefaultExpressionLanguage ( const std::vector< HOM_EnumValue * > &  default_expression_language)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setDefaultValue ( const std::vector< int > &  default_value)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setIconNames ( const std::vector< std::string > &  icon_names)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setItemGeneratorScript ( const char *  item_generator_script)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setItemGeneratorScriptLanguage ( HOM_EnumValue language)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setMaxIsStrict ( bool  on)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setMaxValue ( int  max_value)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setMenuItems ( const std::vector< std::string > &  menu_items)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setMenuLabels ( const std::vector< std::string > &  menu_labels)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setMenuType ( HOM_EnumValue menu_type)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setMenuUseToken ( bool  menuusetoken)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setMinIsStrict ( bool  on)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_IntParmTemplate::setMinValue ( int  min_value)
pure virtual

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