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Hd_TestDriver Class Referencefinal

#include <unitTestHelper.h>

Public Member Functions

HD_API Hd_TestDriver ()
HD_API Hd_TestDriver (HdReprSelector const &reprToken)
HD_API ~Hd_TestDriver ()
HD_API void Draw (bool withGuides=false)
 Draw. More...
HD_API void Draw (HdRenderPassSharedPtr const &renderPass, bool withGuides)
 Draw with external renderPass. More...
HD_API void SetCamera (GfMatrix4d const &viewMatrix, GfMatrix4d const &projectionMatrix, CameraUtilFraming const &framing)
 Set camera to renderpass. More...
HD_API void SetCullStyle (HdCullStyle cullStyle)
 Set cull style. More...
HD_API HdRenderPassSharedPtr
GetRenderPass ()
 Returns the renderpass. More...
HdRenderPassStateSharedPtr constGetRenderPassState () const
 Returns the renderPassState. More...
HdUnitTestDelegateGetDelegate ()
 Returns the UnitTest delegate. More...
HD_API void SetRepr (HdReprSelector const &reprSelector)
 Switch repr. More...

Detailed Description

A unit test driver that exercises the core engine.

This test driver does NOT assume OpenGL is available; in the even that is is not available, all OpenGL calls become no-ops, but all other work is performed as usual.

Definition at line 51 of file unitTestHelper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HD_API Hd_TestDriver::Hd_TestDriver ( )
HD_API Hd_TestDriver::Hd_TestDriver ( HdReprSelector const reprToken)
HD_API Hd_TestDriver::~Hd_TestDriver ( )

Member Function Documentation

HD_API void Hd_TestDriver::Draw ( bool  withGuides = false)


HD_API void Hd_TestDriver::Draw ( HdRenderPassSharedPtr const renderPass,
bool  withGuides 

Draw with external renderPass.

HdUnitTestDelegate& Hd_TestDriver::GetDelegate ( )

Returns the UnitTest delegate.

Definition at line 89 of file unitTestHelper.h.

HD_API HdRenderPassSharedPtr const& Hd_TestDriver::GetRenderPass ( )

Returns the renderpass.

HdRenderPassStateSharedPtr const& Hd_TestDriver::GetRenderPassState ( ) const

Returns the renderPassState.

Definition at line 84 of file unitTestHelper.h.

HD_API void Hd_TestDriver::SetCamera ( GfMatrix4d const viewMatrix,
GfMatrix4d const projectionMatrix,
CameraUtilFraming const framing 

Set camera to renderpass.

HD_API void Hd_TestDriver::SetCullStyle ( HdCullStyle  cullStyle)

Set cull style.

HD_API void Hd_TestDriver::SetRepr ( HdReprSelector const reprSelector)

Switch repr.

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