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HdDependencySchema::Builder Class Reference

#include <dependencySchema.h>

Public Member Functions

HD_API BuilderSetDependedOnPrimPath (const HdPathDataSourceHandle &dependedOnPrimPath)
HD_API BuilderSetDependedOnDataSourceLocator (const HdLocatorDataSourceHandle &dependedOnDataSourceLocator)
HD_API BuilderSetAffectedDataSourceLocator (const HdLocatorDataSourceHandle &affectedDataSourceLocator)
HD_API HdContainerDataSourceHandle Build ()
 Returns a container data source containing the members set thus far. More...

Detailed Description

Utility class for setting sparse sets of child data source fields to be filled as arguments into BuildRetained. Because all setter methods return a reference to the instance, this can be used in the "builder pattern" form.

Definition at line 85 of file dependencySchema.h.

Member Function Documentation

HD_API HdContainerDataSourceHandle HdDependencySchema::Builder::Build ( )

Returns a container data source containing the members set thus far.

HD_API Builder& HdDependencySchema::Builder::SetAffectedDataSourceLocator ( const HdLocatorDataSourceHandle affectedDataSourceLocator)
HD_API Builder& HdDependencySchema::Builder::SetDependedOnDataSourceLocator ( const HdLocatorDataSourceHandle dependedOnDataSourceLocator)
HD_API Builder& HdDependencySchema::Builder::SetDependedOnPrimPath ( const HdPathDataSourceHandle dependedOnPrimPath)

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