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HdEngine Class Reference

#include <engine.h>

Public Member Functions

HD_API HdEngine ()
virtual HD_API ~HdEngine ()
HD_API void Execute (HdRenderIndex *index, HdTaskSharedPtrVector *tasks)
 Execute tasks. More...
Task Context

External interface to set data/state in the task context passed to each task in the render graph

HD_API void SetTaskContextData (const TfToken &id, const VtValue &data)
HD_API bool GetTaskContextData (const TfToken &id, VtValue *data) const
HD_API void RemoveTaskContextData (const TfToken &id)
 Removes the specified token. More...
HD_API void ClearTaskContextData ()
 Removes all keys. More...

Detailed Description

The application-facing entry point top-level entry point for accessing Hydra. Typically the application would only create one of these.

Definition at line 48 of file engine.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HD_API HdEngine::HdEngine ( )
virtual HD_API HdEngine::~HdEngine ( )

Member Function Documentation

HD_API void HdEngine::ClearTaskContextData ( )

Removes all keys.

HD_API void HdEngine::Execute ( HdRenderIndex index,
HdTaskSharedPtrVector tasks 

Execute tasks.

HD_API bool HdEngine::GetTaskContextData ( const TfToken id,
VtValue data 
) const

If found, will return the value from the task context data associated with the token. Returns false if the data could not be found.

HD_API void HdEngine::RemoveTaskContextData ( const TfToken id)

Removes the specified token.

HD_API void HdEngine::SetTaskContextData ( const TfToken id,
const VtValue data 

Adds or updates the value associated with the token. Only one is supported for each token.

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