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HdGpGenerativeProcedural Class Referenceabstract

#include <generativeProcedural.h>

Public Types

using DependencyMap = TfDenseHashMap< SdfPath, HdDataSourceLocatorSet, TfHash >
using ChildPrimTypeMap = TfDenseHashMap< SdfPath, TfToken, TfHash >

Public Member Functions

 HdGpGenerativeProcedural (const SdfPath &proceduralPrimPath)
virtual ~HdGpGenerativeProcedural ()
virtual DependencyMap UpdateDependencies (const HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr &inputScene)=0
virtual ChildPrimTypeMap Update (const HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr &inputScene, const ChildPrimTypeMap &previousResult, const DependencyMap &dirtiedDependencies, HdSceneIndexObserver::DirtiedPrimEntries *outputDirtiedPrims)=0
virtual HdSceneIndexPrim GetChildPrim (const HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr &inputScene, const SdfPath &childPrimPath)=0

Protected Member Functions

const SdfPath_GetProceduralPrimPath ()

Detailed Description

HdGpGenerativeProcedural is the base class for procedurals which have full access to an input scene in order to create and update a hierarchy of child prims within a hydra scene index.

They are registered for use via a corresponding HdGpGenerativeProceduralPlugin.

Definition at line 48 of file generativeProcedural.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HdGpGenerativeProcedural::HdGpGenerativeProcedural ( const SdfPath proceduralPrimPath)
virtual HdGpGenerativeProcedural::~HdGpGenerativeProcedural ( )

Member Function Documentation

const SdfPath& HdGpGenerativeProcedural::_GetProceduralPrimPath ( )
virtual HdSceneIndexPrim HdGpGenerativeProcedural::GetChildPrim ( const HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr &  inputScene,
const SdfPath childPrimPath 
pure virtual
virtual ChildPrimTypeMap HdGpGenerativeProcedural::Update ( const HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr &  inputScene,
const ChildPrimTypeMap previousResult,
const DependencyMap dirtiedDependencies,
HdSceneIndexObserver::DirtiedPrimEntries outputDirtiedPrims 
pure virtual
virtual DependencyMap HdGpGenerativeProcedural::UpdateDependencies ( const HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr &  inputScene)
pure virtual

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