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HdStInterleavedMemoryManager Class Reference

#include <interleavedMemoryManager.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HdStInterleavedMemoryManager:


class  _StripedInterleavedBuffer
 striped buffer More...
class  _StripedInterleavedBufferRange
 specialized buffer array range More...

Protected Types

using _StripedInterleavedBufferSharedPtr = std::shared_ptr< _StripedInterleavedBuffer >
using _StripedInterleavedBufferRangeSharedPtr = std::shared_ptr< _StripedInterleavedBufferRange >
using _StripedInterleavedBufferRangePtr = std::weak_ptr< _StripedInterleavedBufferRange >

Protected Member Functions

 HdStInterleavedMemoryManager (HdStResourceRegistry *resourceRegistry)
HdBufferArrayRangeSharedPtr CreateBufferArrayRange () override
 Factory for creating HdBufferArrayRange. More...
HdBufferSpecVector GetBufferSpecs (HdBufferArraySharedPtr const &bufferArray) const override
 Returns the buffer specs from a given buffer array. More...
size_t GetResourceAllocation (HdBufferArraySharedPtr const &bufferArray, VtDictionary &result) const override
 Returns the size of the GPU memory used by the passed buffer array. More...

Protected Attributes

HdStResourceRegistry *const _resourceRegistry

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from HdAggregationStrategy
typedef size_t AggregationId
 Aggregation ID. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdAggregationStrategy
virtual HD_API ~HdAggregationStrategy ()
virtual HdBufferArraySharedPtr CreateBufferArray (TfToken const &role, HdBufferSpecVector const &bufferSpecs, HdBufferArrayUsageHint usageHint)=0
 Factory for creating HdBufferArray. More...
virtual AggregationId ComputeAggregationId (HdBufferSpecVector const &bufferSpecs, HdBufferArrayUsageHint usageHint) const =0
 Returns id for given bufferSpecs to be used for aggregation. More...
virtual HD_API void Flush ()
 (Optional) called to Flush consolidated / staging buffers. More...

Detailed Description

Interleaved memory manager (base class).

Definition at line 54 of file interleavedMemoryManager.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HdStInterleavedMemoryManager::HdStInterleavedMemoryManager ( HdStResourceRegistry resourceRegistry)

Definition at line 327 of file interleavedMemoryManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

HdBufferArrayRangeSharedPtr HdStInterleavedMemoryManager::CreateBufferArrayRange ( )
HdBufferSpecVector HdStInterleavedMemoryManager::GetBufferSpecs ( HdBufferArraySharedPtr const bufferArray) const

Returns the buffer specs from a given buffer array.

Implements HdAggregationStrategy.

size_t HdStInterleavedMemoryManager::GetResourceAllocation ( HdBufferArraySharedPtr const bufferArray,
VtDictionary result 
) const

Returns the size of the GPU memory used by the passed buffer array.

Implements HdAggregationStrategy.

Member Data Documentation

HdStResourceRegistry* const HdStInterleavedMemoryManager::_resourceRegistry

Definition at line 342 of file interleavedMemoryManager.h.

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