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HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager Class Reference

#include <vboSimpleMemoryManager.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager:


class  _SimpleBufferArray
class  _SimpleBufferArrayRange

Public Member Functions

 HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager (HdStResourceRegistry *resourceRegistry)
virtual HDST_API
CreateBufferArray (TfToken const &role, HdBufferSpecVector const &bufferSpecs, HdBufferArrayUsageHint usageHint)
virtual HDST_API
CreateBufferArrayRange ()
 Factory for creating HdBufferArrayRange. More...
virtual HDST_API
ComputeAggregationId (HdBufferSpecVector const &bufferSpecs, HdBufferArrayUsageHint usageHint) const
 Returns id for given bufferSpecs to be used for aggregation. More...
virtual HdBufferSpecVector GetBufferSpecs (HdBufferArraySharedPtr const &bufferArray) const
 Returns the buffer specs from a given buffer array. More...
virtual size_t GetResourceAllocation (HdBufferArraySharedPtr const &bufferArray, VtDictionary &result) const
 Returns the size of the GPU memory used by the passed buffer array. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdAggregationStrategy
virtual HD_API ~HdAggregationStrategy ()
virtual HD_API void Flush ()
 (Optional) called to Flush consolidated / staging buffers. More...

Protected Types

using _SimpleBufferArraySharedPtr = std::shared_ptr< _SimpleBufferArray >
using _SimpleBufferArrayRangeSharedPtr = std::shared_ptr< _SimpleBufferArrayRange >
using _SimpleBufferArrayRangePtr = std::weak_ptr< _SimpleBufferArrayRange >

Protected Attributes

HdStResourceRegistry *const _resourceRegistry

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from HdAggregationStrategy
typedef size_t AggregationId
 Aggregation ID. More...

Detailed Description

VBO simple memory manager.

This class doesn't perform any aggregation.

Definition at line 47 of file vboSimpleMemoryManager.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 209 of file vboSimpleMemoryManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager::HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager ( HdStResourceRegistry resourceRegistry)

Definition at line 50 of file vboSimpleMemoryManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual HDST_API HdAggregationStrategy::AggregationId HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager::ComputeAggregationId ( HdBufferSpecVector const bufferSpecs,
HdBufferArrayUsageHint  usageHint 
) const

Returns id for given bufferSpecs to be used for aggregation.

Implements HdAggregationStrategy.

virtual HDST_API HdBufferArraySharedPtr HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager::CreateBufferArray ( TfToken const role,
HdBufferSpecVector const bufferSpecs,
HdBufferArrayUsageHint  usageHint 

Factory for creating HdBufferArray managed by HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager.

Implements HdAggregationStrategy.

virtual HDST_API HdBufferArrayRangeSharedPtr HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager::CreateBufferArrayRange ( )

Factory for creating HdBufferArrayRange.

Implements HdAggregationStrategy.

virtual HdBufferSpecVector HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager::GetBufferSpecs ( HdBufferArraySharedPtr const bufferArray) const

Returns the buffer specs from a given buffer array.

Implements HdAggregationStrategy.

virtual size_t HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager::GetResourceAllocation ( HdBufferArraySharedPtr const bufferArray,
VtDictionary result 
) const

Returns the size of the GPU memory used by the passed buffer array.

Implements HdAggregationStrategy.

Member Data Documentation

HdStResourceRegistry* const HdStVBOSimpleMemoryManager::_resourceRegistry

Definition at line 309 of file vboSimpleMemoryManager.h.

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