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HgiComputePipeline Class Reference

#include <computePipeline.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HgiComputePipeline:

Public Member Functions

virtual HGI_API ~HgiComputePipeline ()
HGI_API HgiComputePipelineDesc
GetDescriptor () const
 The descriptor describes the object. More...

Protected Member Functions

HGI_API HgiComputePipeline (HgiComputePipelineDesc const &desc)

Protected Attributes

HgiComputePipelineDesc _descriptor

Detailed Description

Represents a graphics platform independent GPU compute pipeline resource.

Base class for Hgi compute pipelines. To the client (HdSt) compute pipeline resources are referred to via opaque, stateless handles (HgiComputePipelineHandle).

Definition at line 109 of file computePipeline.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual HGI_API HgiComputePipeline::~HgiComputePipeline ( )
HGI_API HgiComputePipeline::HgiComputePipeline ( HgiComputePipelineDesc const desc)

Member Function Documentation

HGI_API HgiComputePipelineDesc const& HgiComputePipeline::GetDescriptor ( ) const

The descriptor describes the object.

Member Data Documentation

HgiComputePipelineDesc HgiComputePipeline::_descriptor

Definition at line 123 of file computePipeline.h.

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