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HgiGLComputeCmds Class Referencefinal

#include <computeCmds.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HgiGLComputeCmds:

Public Member Functions

HGIGL_API ~HgiGLComputeCmds () override
HGIGL_API void PushDebugGroup (const char *label) override
 Push a debug marker. More...
HGIGL_API void PopDebugGroup () override
 Pop the last debug marker. More...
HGIGL_API void BindPipeline (HgiComputePipelineHandle pipeline) override
HGIGL_API void BindResources (HgiResourceBindingsHandle resources) override
HGIGL_API void SetConstantValues (HgiComputePipelineHandle pipeline, uint32_t bindIndex, uint32_t byteSize, const void *data) override
HGIGL_API void Dispatch (int dimX, int dimY) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from HgiComputeCmds
HGI_API ~HgiComputeCmds () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from HgiCmds
virtual HGI_API ~HgiCmds ()

Protected Member Functions

HGIGL_API HgiGLComputeCmds (HgiGLDevice *device)
HGIGL_API bool _Submit (Hgi *hgi) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HgiComputeCmds
HGI_API HgiComputeCmds ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HgiCmds
HGI_API HgiCmds ()


class HgiGL

Detailed Description

OpenGL implementation of HgiComputeCmds.

Definition at line 40 of file computeCmds.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HGIGL_API HgiGLComputeCmds::~HgiGLComputeCmds ( )
HGIGL_API HgiGLComputeCmds::HgiGLComputeCmds ( HgiGLDevice device)

Member Function Documentation

HGIGL_API bool HgiGLComputeCmds::_Submit ( Hgi hgi)

Reimplemented from HgiCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLComputeCmds::BindPipeline ( HgiComputePipelineHandle  pipeline)

Bind a pipeline state object. Usually you call this right after calling CreateGraphicsCmds to set the graphics pipeline state. The resource bindings used when creating the pipeline must be compatible with the resources bound via BindResources().

Implements HgiComputeCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLComputeCmds::BindResources ( HgiResourceBindingsHandle  resources)

Bind resources such as textures and uniform buffers. Usually you call this right after BindPipeline() and the resources bound must be compatible with the bound pipeline.

Implements HgiComputeCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLComputeCmds::Dispatch ( int  dimX,
int  dimY 

Execute a compute shader with provided thread group count in each dimension.

Implements HgiComputeCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLComputeCmds::PopDebugGroup ( )

Pop the last debug marker.

Implements HgiComputeCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLComputeCmds::PushDebugGroup ( const char *  label)

Push a debug marker.

Implements HgiComputeCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLComputeCmds::SetConstantValues ( HgiComputePipelineHandle  pipeline,
uint32_t  bindIndex,
uint32_t  byteSize,
const void data 

Set Push / Function constants. pipeline is the compute pipeline that you are binding before the draw call. It contains the program used for the uniform buffer constant values for. bindIndex is the binding point index in the pipeline's shader to bind the data to. byteSize is the size of the data you are updating. data is the data you are copying into the push constants block.

Implements HgiComputeCmds.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class HgiGL

Definition at line 69 of file computeCmds.h.

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