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HgiGLGraphicsCmds Class Referencefinal

#include <graphicsCmds.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HgiGLGraphicsCmds:

Public Member Functions

HGIGL_API ~HgiGLGraphicsCmds () override
HGIGL_API void InsertFunctionOp (std::function< void(void)> const &fn)
HGIGL_API void PushDebugGroup (const char *label) override
 Push a debug marker. More...
HGIGL_API void PopDebugGroup () override
 Pop the last debug marker. More...
HGIGL_API void SetViewport (GfVec4i const &vp) override
 Set viewport [left, BOTTOM, width, height] - OpenGL coords. More...
HGIGL_API void SetScissor (GfVec4i const &sc) override
HGIGL_API void BindPipeline (HgiGraphicsPipelineHandle pipeline) override
HGIGL_API void BindResources (HgiResourceBindingsHandle resources) override
HGIGL_API void SetConstantValues (HgiGraphicsPipelineHandle pipeline, HgiShaderStage stages, uint32_t bindIndex, uint32_t byteSize, const void *data) override
HGIGL_API void BindVertexBuffers (uint32_t firstBinding, HgiBufferHandleVector const &buffers, std::vector< uint32_t > const &byteOffsets) override
HGIGL_API void DrawIndexed (HgiBufferHandle const &indexBuffer, uint32_t indexCount, uint32_t indexBufferByteOffset, uint32_t firstIndex, uint32_t vertexOffset, uint32_t instanceCount) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from HgiGraphicsCmds
HGI_API ~HgiGraphicsCmds () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from HgiCmds
virtual HGI_API ~HgiCmds ()

Protected Member Functions

HGIGL_API HgiGLGraphicsCmds (HgiGLDevice *device, HgiGraphicsCmdsDesc const &desc)
HGIGL_API bool _Submit (Hgi *hgi) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HgiGraphicsCmds
HGI_API HgiGraphicsCmds ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HgiCmds
HGI_API HgiCmds ()


class HgiGL

Detailed Description

OpenGL implementation of HgiGraphicsCmds.

Definition at line 43 of file graphicsCmds.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HGIGL_API HgiGLGraphicsCmds::~HgiGLGraphicsCmds ( )
HGIGL_API HgiGLGraphicsCmds::HgiGLGraphicsCmds ( HgiGLDevice device,
HgiGraphicsCmdsDesc const desc 

Member Function Documentation

HGIGL_API bool HgiGLGraphicsCmds::_Submit ( Hgi hgi)

Reimplemented from HgiCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLGraphicsCmds::BindPipeline ( HgiGraphicsPipelineHandle  pipeline)

Bind a pipeline state object. Usually you call this right after calling CreateGraphicsCmds to set the graphics pipeline state. The resource bindings used when creating the pipeline must be compatible with the resources bound via BindResources().

Implements HgiGraphicsCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLGraphicsCmds::BindResources ( HgiResourceBindingsHandle  resources)

Bind resources such as textures and uniform buffers. Usually you call this right after BindPipeline() and the resources bound must be compatible with the bound pipeline.

Implements HgiGraphicsCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLGraphicsCmds::BindVertexBuffers ( uint32_t  firstBinding,
HgiBufferHandleVector const buffers,
std::vector< uint32_t > const byteOffsets 

Binds the vertex buffer(s) that describe the vertex attributes. firstBinding the first index to which buffers are bound (usually 0). byteOffsets offset to where the data of each buffer starts, in bytes. strides the size of a vertex in each of the buffers.

Implements HgiGraphicsCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLGraphicsCmds::DrawIndexed ( HgiBufferHandle const indexBuffer,
uint32_t  indexCount,
uint32_t  indexBufferByteOffset,
uint32_t  firstIndex,
uint32_t  vertexOffset,
uint32_t  instanceCount 

Records a draw command that renders one or more instances of primitives using an indexBuffer starting from the base vertex of the base instance. indexCount is the number of vertices. indexBufferByteOffset: Byte offset within indexBuffer to start reading indices from. vertexOffset: the value added to the vertex index before indexing into the vertex buffer (baseVertex). instanceCount: number of instances (min 1) of the primitves to render.

Implements HgiGraphicsCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLGraphicsCmds::InsertFunctionOp ( std::function< void(void)> const fn)

XXX This function is exposed temporarily for Hgi transition. It allows code that is not yet converted to Hgi (e.g. HdSt) to insert its opengl calls into the ops-stack of HgiGL to ensure that all commands execute in the correct order. Once HdSt has transition fully to Hgi we should remove this function.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLGraphicsCmds::PopDebugGroup ( )

Pop the last debug marker.

Implements HgiGraphicsCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLGraphicsCmds::PushDebugGroup ( const char *  label)

Push a debug marker.

Implements HgiGraphicsCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLGraphicsCmds::SetConstantValues ( HgiGraphicsPipelineHandle  pipeline,
HgiShaderStage  stages,
uint32_t  bindIndex,
uint32_t  byteSize,
const void data 

Set Push / Function constants. pipeline is the pipeline that you are binding before the draw call. It contains the program used for the uniform buffer stages describes for what shader stage you are setting the push constant values for. Each stage can have its own (or none) binding and they must match what is described in the shader functions. byteSize is the size of the data you are updating. data is the data you are copying into the push constants block.

Implements HgiGraphicsCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLGraphicsCmds::SetScissor ( GfVec4i const sc)

Only pixels that lie within the scissor box are modified by drawing commands.

Implements HgiGraphicsCmds.

HGIGL_API void HgiGLGraphicsCmds::SetViewport ( GfVec4i const vp)

Set viewport [left, BOTTOM, width, height] - OpenGL coords.

Implements HgiGraphicsCmds.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class HgiGL

Definition at line 99 of file graphicsCmds.h.

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