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NET_WebStatsManager Class Reference

Simple holder for statistics relating to the web server. More...

#include <NET_WebStatsManager.h>

Public Member Functions

void updateProcess (fpreal amount)
void updateQueueWait (fpreal amount)
void setEnabled (bool enabled)
bool isEnabled () const
void addTotalRequests (unsigned amount)
void addCurrentQueueSize (int amount)
void addFailCount (unsigned count)
fpreal maxProcessTime () const
fpreal maxQueueWaitTime () const
fpreal averageProcessTime () const
fpreal averageQueueWaitTime () const
unsigned currentQueueSize () const
unsigned maxQueueSize () const

Detailed Description

Simple holder for statistics relating to the web server.

Definition at line 20 of file NET_WebStatsManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

void NET_WebStatsManager::addCurrentQueueSize ( int  amount)
void NET_WebStatsManager::addFailCount ( unsigned  count)
void NET_WebStatsManager::addTotalRequests ( unsigned  amount)
fpreal NET_WebStatsManager::averageProcessTime ( ) const
fpreal NET_WebStatsManager::averageQueueWaitTime ( ) const
unsigned NET_WebStatsManager::currentQueueSize ( ) const
bool NET_WebStatsManager::isEnabled ( ) const

Definition at line 27 of file NET_WebStatsManager.h.

fpreal NET_WebStatsManager::maxProcessTime ( ) const
unsigned NET_WebStatsManager::maxQueueSize ( ) const
fpreal NET_WebStatsManager::maxQueueWaitTime ( ) const
void NET_WebStatsManager::setEnabled ( bool  enabled)

Definition at line 26 of file NET_WebStatsManager.h.

void NET_WebStatsManager::updateProcess ( fpreal  amount)
void NET_WebStatsManager::updateQueueWait ( fpreal  amount)

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