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OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform Class Referenceabstract

#include <OpenColorTransforms.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform:

Public Member Functions

TransformType getTransformType () const noexceptoverride
virtual const FormatMetadatagetFormatMetadata () const noexcept=0
virtual FormatMetadatagetFormatMetadata () noexcept=0
virtual bool equals (const ExposureContrastTransform &other) const noexcept=0
 Checks if this exactly equals other. More...
virtual ExposureContrastStyle getStyle () const =0
virtual void setStyle (ExposureContrastStyle style)=0
 Select the algorithm for linear, video or log color spaces. More...
virtual double getExposure () const =0
virtual void setExposure (double exposure)=0
virtual bool isExposureDynamic () const =0
virtual void makeExposureDynamic ()=0
virtual void makeExposureNonDynamic ()=0
virtual double getContrast () const =0
virtual void setContrast (double contrast)=0
virtual bool isContrastDynamic () const =0
virtual void makeContrastDynamic ()=0
virtual void makeContrastNonDynamic ()=0
virtual double getGamma () const =0
virtual void setGamma (double gamma)=0
virtual bool isGammaDynamic () const =0
virtual void makeGammaDynamic ()=0
virtual void makeGammaNonDynamic ()=0
virtual double getPivot () const =0
virtual void setPivot (double pivot)=0
virtual double getLogExposureStep () const =0
virtual void setLogExposureStep (double logExposureStep)=0
virtual double getLogMidGray () const =0
virtual void setLogMidGray (double logMidGray)=0
virtual ~ExposureContrastTransform ()=default
 Do not use (needed only for pybind11). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from OCIO_NAMESPACE::Transform
virtual TransformRcPtr createEditableCopy () const =0
virtual TransformDirection getDirection () const noexcept=0
virtual void setDirection (TransformDirection dir) noexcept=0
 Note that this only affects the evaluation and not the values stored in the object. More...
virtual void validate () const
 Will throw if data is not valid. More...
 Transform (const Transform &)=delete
Transformoperator= (const Transform &)=delete
virtual ~Transform ()=default
 Do not use (needed only for pybind11). More...

Static Public Member Functions

Create ()

Protected Member Functions

 ExposureContrastTransform ()=default
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OCIO_NAMESPACE::Transform
 Transform ()=default

Detailed Description

Applies exposure, gamma, and pivoted contrast adjustments. Adjusts the math to be appropriate for linear, logarithmic, or video color spaces.

Definition at line 913 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::~ExposureContrastTransform ( )

Do not use (needed only for pybind11).

OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::ExposureContrastTransform ( )

Member Function Documentation

static ExposureContrastTransformRcPtr OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::Create ( )
virtual bool OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::equals ( const ExposureContrastTransform other) const
pure virtualnoexcept

Checks if this exactly equals other.

virtual double OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::getContrast ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual double OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::getExposure ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual const FormatMetadata& OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::getFormatMetadata ( ) const
pure virtualnoexcept
virtual FormatMetadata& OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::getFormatMetadata ( )
pure virtualnoexcept
virtual double OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::getGamma ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual double OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::getLogExposureStep ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual double OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::getLogMidGray ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual double OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::getPivot ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual ExposureContrastStyle OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::getStyle ( ) const
pure virtual
TransformType OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::getTransformType ( ) const

Implements OCIO_NAMESPACE::Transform.

Definition at line 918 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

virtual bool OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::isContrastDynamic ( ) const
pure virtual

Contrast can be made dynamic so the value can be changed through the CPU or GPU processor, but if there are several ExposureContrastTransform only one can have a dynamic contrast.

virtual bool OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::isExposureDynamic ( ) const
pure virtual

Exposure can be made dynamic so the value can be changed through the CPU or GPU processor, but if there are several ExposureContrastTransform only one can have a dynamic exposure.

virtual bool OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::isGammaDynamic ( ) const
pure virtual

Gamma can be made dynamic so the value can be changed through the CPU or GPU processor, but if there are several ExposureContrastTransform only one can have a dynamic gamma.

virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::makeContrastDynamic ( )
pure virtual
virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::makeContrastNonDynamic ( )
pure virtual
virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::makeExposureDynamic ( )
pure virtual
virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::makeExposureNonDynamic ( )
pure virtual
virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::makeGammaDynamic ( )
pure virtual
virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::makeGammaNonDynamic ( )
pure virtual
virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::setContrast ( double  contrast)
pure virtual

Applies a contrast/gamma adjustment around a pivot point. The contrast and gamma are mathematically the same, but two controls are provided to enable the use of separate dynamic parameters. Contrast is usually a scene-referred adjustment that pivots around gray whereas gamma is usually a display-referred adjustment that pivots around white.

virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::setExposure ( double  exposure)
pure virtual

Applies an exposure adjustment. The value is in units of stops (regardless of style), for example, a value of -1 would be equivalent to reducing the lighting by one half.

virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::setGamma ( double  gamma)
pure virtual
virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::setLogExposureStep ( double  logExposureStep)
pure virtual

Set the increment needed to move one stop for the log-style algorithm. For example, ACEScct is 0.057, LogC is roughly 0.074, and Cineon is roughly 90/1023 = 0.088. The default value is 0.088.

virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::setLogMidGray ( double  logMidGray)
pure virtual

Set the position of 18% gray for use by the log-style algorithm. For example, ACEScct is about 0.41, LogC is about 0.39, and ADX10 is 445/1023 = 0.435. The default value is 0.435.

virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::setPivot ( double  pivot)
pure virtual

Set the pivot point around which the contrast and gamma controls will work. Regardless of whether linear/video/log-style is being used, the pivot is always expressed in linear. In other words, a pivot of 0.18 is always mid-gray.

virtual void OCIO_NAMESPACE::ExposureContrastTransform::setStyle ( ExposureContrastStyle  style)
pure virtual

Select the algorithm for linear, video or log color spaces.

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