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OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform Class Reference

#include <OpenColorTransforms.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform:

Public Member Functions

TransformRcPtr createEditableCopy () const override
TransformDirection getDirection () const noexceptoverride
void setDirection (TransformDirection dir) noexceptoverride
 Note that this only affects the evaluation and not the values stored in the object. More...
TransformType getTransformType () const noexceptoverride
void validate () const override
 Will throw if data is not valid. More...
const char * getSrc () const
void setSrc (const char *src)
const char * getDst () const
void setDst (const char *dst)
const char * getLooks () const
void setLooks (const char *looks)
bool getSkipColorSpaceConversion () const
void setSkipColorSpaceConversion (bool skip)
LookTransformoperator= (const LookTransform &)=delete
virtual ~LookTransform ()
 Do not use (needed only for pybind11). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from OCIO_NAMESPACE::Transform
 Transform (const Transform &)=delete
Transformoperator= (const Transform &)=delete
virtual ~Transform ()=default
 Do not use (needed only for pybind11). More...

Static Public Member Functions

static LookTransformRcPtr Create ()
static const char * GetLooksResultColorSpace (const ConstConfigRcPtr &config, const ConstContextRcPtr &context, const char *looks)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from OCIO_NAMESPACE::Transform
 Transform ()=default

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1529 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::~LookTransform ( )

Do not use (needed only for pybind11).

Member Function Documentation

static LookTransformRcPtr OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::Create ( )
TransformRcPtr OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::createEditableCopy ( ) const
TransformDirection OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::getDirection ( ) const
const char* OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::getDst ( ) const
const char* OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::getLooks ( ) const
static const char* OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::GetLooksResultColorSpace ( const ConstConfigRcPtr config,
const ConstContextRcPtr context,
const char *  looks 

Return the name of the color space after applying looks in the forward direction but without converting to the destination color space. This is equivalent to the process space of the last look in the look sequence (and takes into account that a look fall-back may be used).

bool OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::getSkipColorSpaceConversion ( ) const
const char* OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::getSrc ( ) const
TransformType OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::getTransformType ( ) const

Implements OCIO_NAMESPACE::Transform.

Definition at line 1539 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

LookTransform& OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::operator= ( const LookTransform )
void OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::setDirection ( TransformDirection  dir)

Note that this only affects the evaluation and not the values stored in the object.

Implements OCIO_NAMESPACE::Transform.

void OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::setDst ( const char *  dst)
void OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::setLooks ( const char *  looks)

Specify looks to apply. Looks is a potentially comma (or colon) delimited list of look names, Where +/- prefixes are optionally allowed to denote forward/inverse look specification. (And forward is assumed in the absence of either)

void OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::setSkipColorSpaceConversion ( bool  skip)
void OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::setSrc ( const char *  src)
void OCIO_NAMESPACE::LookTransform::validate ( ) const

Will throw if data is not valid.

Reimplemented from OCIO_NAMESPACE::Transform.

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