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PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData Class Reference

#include <dynamicFileFormatDependencyData.h>

Public Member Functions

PCP_API PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData ()=default
 Default constructor. This data will be empty. More...
PCP_API PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData (PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData &&)=default
 Move constructor. More...
PCP_API PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData (const PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData &rhs)
 Copy constructor. More...
PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyDataoperator= (PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData &&rhs)
 Move assignment operator. More...
PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyDataoperator= (const PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData &rhs)
 Copy assignment operator. More...
void Swap (PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData &rhs)
 Swap the contents of this dependency data with rhs. More...
void swap (PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData &rhs)
 Same as Swap(), but standard name. More...
bool IsEmpty () const
 Returns whether this dependency data is empty. More...
PCP_API void AddDependencyContext (const PcpDynamicFileFormatInterface *dynamicFileFormat, VtValue &&dependencyContextData, TfToken::Set &&composedFieldNames)
PCP_API void AppendDependencyData (PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData &&dependencyData)
PCP_API const TfToken::SetGetRelevantFieldNames () const
PCP_API bool CanFieldChangeAffectFileFormatArguments (const TfToken &fieldName, const VtValue &oldValue, const VtValue &newValue) const

Detailed Description

Contains the necessary information for storing a prim index's dependency on dynamic file format arguments and determining if a field change affects the prim index. This data structure does not store the prim index or its path itself and is expected to be the data in some other data structure that maps prim indexes to its dependencies.

Definition at line 50 of file dynamicFileFormatDependencyData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PCP_API PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData ( )

Default constructor. This data will be empty.

PCP_API PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData ( PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData &&  )

Move constructor.

PCP_API PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData ( const PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData rhs)

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

PCP_API void PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::AddDependencyContext ( const PcpDynamicFileFormatInterface dynamicFileFormat,
VtValue &&  dependencyContextData,
TfToken::Set &&  composedFieldNames 

Adds dependency info from a single context that generated dynamic file format arguments (usually a payload arc in the graph). dynamicFileFormat is the file format that generated the arguments. dependencyContextData is custom dependency information generated when the file format generated its arguments. composedFieldNames is a list of the fields that were composed on the prim to generate arguments.

PCP_API void PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::AppendDependencyData ( PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData &&  dependencyData)

Takes all the dependency data from dependencyData and adds it to this dependency.

PCP_API bool PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::CanFieldChangeAffectFileFormatArguments ( const TfToken fieldName,
const VtValue oldValue,
const VtValue newValue 
) const

Given a field name and the changed field values in oldAndNewValues this return whether this change can affect any of the file format arguments generated by any of the contexts stored in this dependency.

PCP_API const TfToken::Set& PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::GetRelevantFieldNames ( ) const

Returns a list of field names that were composed for any of the dependency contexts that were added to this dependency.

bool PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::IsEmpty ( ) const

Returns whether this dependency data is empty.

Definition at line 90 of file dynamicFileFormatDependencyData.h.

PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData& PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::operator= ( PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData &&  rhs)

Move assignment operator.

Definition at line 68 of file dynamicFileFormatDependencyData.h.

PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData& PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::operator= ( const PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData rhs)

Copy assignment operator.

Definition at line 75 of file dynamicFileFormatDependencyData.h.

void PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::Swap ( PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData rhs)

Swap the contents of this dependency data with rhs.

Definition at line 82 of file dynamicFileFormatDependencyData.h.

void PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData::swap ( PcpDynamicFileFormatDependencyData rhs)

Same as Swap(), but standard name.

Definition at line 87 of file dynamicFileFormatDependencyData.h.

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