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PcpPrimIndexInputs Class Reference

#include <primIndex.h>

Public Types

using PayloadSet = std::unordered_set< SdfPath, SdfPath::Hash >

Public Member Functions

 PcpPrimIndexInputs ()
bool IsEquivalentTo (const PcpPrimIndexInputs &params) const
PcpPrimIndexInputsCache (PcpCache *cache_)
PcpPrimIndexInputsVariantFallbacks (const PcpVariantFallbackMap *map)
PcpPrimIndexInputsIncludedPayloads (const PayloadSet *payloadSet)
PcpPrimIndexInputsIncludedPayloadsMutex (tbb::spin_rw_mutex *mutex)
 Optional mutex for accessing includedPayloads. More...
PcpPrimIndexInputsIncludePayloadPredicate (std::function< bool(const SdfPath &)> predicate)
PcpPrimIndexInputsCull (bool doCulling=true)
PcpPrimIndexInputsUSD (bool doUSD=true)
PcpPrimIndexInputsFileFormatTarget (const std::string &target)

Public Attributes

const PcpVariantFallbackMapvariantFallbacks
const PayloadSetincludedPayloads
tbb::spin_rw_mutex * includedPayloadsMutex
std::function< bool(const
SdfPath &)> 
const PcpPrimIndexparentIndex
std::string fileFormatTarget
bool cull
bool usd

Detailed Description

Inputs for the prim indexing procedure.

Definition at line 330 of file primIndex.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Set of paths to prims that should have their payloads included during composition.

Definition at line 358 of file primIndex.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PcpPrimIndexInputs::PcpPrimIndexInputs ( )

Definition at line 332 of file primIndex.h.

Member Function Documentation

PcpPrimIndexInputs& PcpPrimIndexInputs::Cache ( PcpCache cache_)

If supplied, the given PcpCache will be used where possible to compute needed intermediate results.

Definition at line 348 of file primIndex.h.

PcpPrimIndexInputs& PcpPrimIndexInputs::Cull ( bool  doCulling = true)

Whether subtrees that contribute no opinions should be culled from the index.

Definition at line 376 of file primIndex.h.

PcpPrimIndexInputs& PcpPrimIndexInputs::FileFormatTarget ( const std::string target)

The file format target for scene description layers encountered during prim index computation.

Definition at line 387 of file primIndex.h.

PcpPrimIndexInputs& PcpPrimIndexInputs::IncludedPayloads ( const PayloadSet payloadSet)

Definition at line 359 of file primIndex.h.

PcpPrimIndexInputs& PcpPrimIndexInputs::IncludedPayloadsMutex ( tbb::spin_rw_mutex *  mutex)

Optional mutex for accessing includedPayloads.

Definition at line 363 of file primIndex.h.

PcpPrimIndexInputs& PcpPrimIndexInputs::IncludePayloadPredicate ( std::function< bool(const SdfPath &)>  predicate)

Optional predicate evaluated when a not-yet-included payload is discovered while indexing. If the predicate returns true, indexing includes the payload and sets the includedDiscoveredPayload bit in the outputs.

Definition at line 370 of file primIndex.h.

bool PcpPrimIndexInputs::IsEquivalentTo ( const PcpPrimIndexInputs params) const

Returns true if prim index computations using this parameters object would be equivalent to computations using params.

PcpPrimIndexInputs& PcpPrimIndexInputs::USD ( bool  doUSD = true)

Whether the prim stack should be computed, and whether relocates, inherits, permissions, symmetry, or payloads should be considered during prim index computation,

Definition at line 382 of file primIndex.h.

PcpPrimIndexInputs& PcpPrimIndexInputs::VariantFallbacks ( const PcpVariantFallbackMap map)

Ordered list of variant names to use for the "standin" variant set if there is no authored opinion in scene description.

Definition at line 353 of file primIndex.h.

Member Data Documentation

PcpCache* PcpPrimIndexInputs::cache

Definition at line 391 of file primIndex.h.

bool PcpPrimIndexInputs::cull

Definition at line 398 of file primIndex.h.

std::string PcpPrimIndexInputs::fileFormatTarget

Definition at line 397 of file primIndex.h.

const PayloadSet* PcpPrimIndexInputs::includedPayloads

Definition at line 393 of file primIndex.h.

tbb::spin_rw_mutex* PcpPrimIndexInputs::includedPayloadsMutex

Definition at line 394 of file primIndex.h.

std::function<bool (const SdfPath &)> PcpPrimIndexInputs::includePayloadPredicate

Definition at line 395 of file primIndex.h.

const PcpPrimIndex* PcpPrimIndexInputs::parentIndex

Definition at line 396 of file primIndex.h.

bool PcpPrimIndexInputs::usd

Definition at line 399 of file primIndex.h.

const PcpVariantFallbackMap* PcpPrimIndexInputs::variantFallbacks

Definition at line 392 of file primIndex.h.

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