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RE_CachedObjectBase Class Reference

Basic cached object, with version and extra data only. More...

#include <RE_CachedObject.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for RE_CachedObjectBase:

Public Member Functions

 RE_CachedObjectBase ()
virtual ~RE_CachedObjectBase ()
void setVersion (RE_CacheVersion v)
RE_CacheVersion getVersion () const
void setExtraData (RE_CachedExtraData *data)
const RE_CachedExtraDataHandlegetExtraData () const
void setCacheTag (RE_CacheTagHandle h)
void resetCacheTag ()
void setInCache (bool c)
bool isInCache () const
virtual int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const
 Returns the amount of main memory (not VRAM) owned by this object. More...

Public Attributes

RE_CacheVersion myVersion
RE_CacheTagHandle myCacheTagHandle
bool myCachedFlag
RE_CachedExtraDataHandle myExtraData

Detailed Description

Basic cached object, with version and extra data only.

Definition at line 206 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RE_CachedObjectBase::RE_CachedObjectBase ( )
virtual RE_CachedObjectBase::~RE_CachedObjectBase ( )

Member Function Documentation

const RE_CachedExtraDataHandle& RE_CachedObjectBase::getExtraData ( ) const

Definition at line 220 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

virtual int64 RE_CachedObjectBase::getMemoryUsage ( bool  inclusive) const

Returns the amount of main memory (not VRAM) owned by this object.

Reimplemented in RE_OGLVertexBuffer, RE_CachedObject, RE_OGLBuffer, and RE_OGLTexture.

RE_CacheVersion RE_CachedObjectBase::getVersion ( ) const

Definition at line 213 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

bool RE_CachedObjectBase::isInCache ( ) const

Definition at line 235 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

void RE_CachedObjectBase::resetCacheTag ( )

Definition at line 226 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

void RE_CachedObjectBase::setCacheTag ( RE_CacheTagHandle  h)

Definition at line 224 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

void RE_CachedObjectBase::setExtraData ( RE_CachedExtraData data)

Definition at line 218 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

void RE_CachedObjectBase::setInCache ( bool  c)

Definition at line 229 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

void RE_CachedObjectBase::setVersion ( RE_CacheVersion  v)

Definition at line 212 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

Member Data Documentation

bool RE_CachedObjectBase::myCachedFlag

Definition at line 243 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

RE_CacheTagHandle RE_CachedObjectBase::myCacheTagHandle

Definition at line 242 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

RE_CachedExtraDataHandle RE_CachedObjectBase::myExtraData

Definition at line 245 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

RE_CacheVersion RE_CachedObjectBase::myVersion

Definition at line 241 of file RE_CachedObject.h.

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