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SIM_ConstObjectArray Class Reference

Holds pointers to a number of const SIM_Object objects. More...

#include <SIM_ObjectArray.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for SIM_ConstObjectArray:

Public Member Functions

 SIM_ConstObjectArray ()
 ~SIM_ConstObjectArray () override
const SIM_ConstObjectArrayoperator= (const SIM_ObjectArray &src)
const SIM_ObjectfindObjectById (int objectid) const
int findPositionById (int objectid) const
void filterConst (const SIM_DataFilter &filter, SIM_ConstObjectArray &filtered) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SIM_PtrArraySorted< const SIM_Object * >
 SIM_PtrArraySorted ()
 SIM_PtrArraySorted (typename UT_ValArray< const SIM_Object * >::Comparator comparator)
 SIM_PtrArraySorted (const SIM_PtrArraySorted &src)
virtual ~SIM_PtrArraySorted ()
void setComparator (typename UT_ValArray< const SIM_Object * >::Comparator cmp)
void sort ()
exint size () const
void setSize (exint newsize)
void setCapacity (exint newcapacity)
exint entries () const
void entries (int newnumentries)
void resize (int newsize)
const SIM_Objectoperator() (int index) const
const SIM_Objectlast () const
int find (const SIM_Object *ptr) const
bool operator== (const SIM_PtrArraySorted &cmp) const
bool containsAny (const SIM_PtrArraySorted &cmp) const
bool containsFully (const SIM_PtrArraySorted &cmp) const
void remove (int index)
void remove (const SIM_Object *ptr)
void remove (const SIM_PtrArraySorted &src)
void keepOnly (const SIM_PtrArraySorted &src)
SIM_PtrArraySortedoperator= (const SIM_PtrArraySorted &src)
int add (const SIM_Object *ptr)
void set (const SIM_PtrArraySorted &src)
void setUnsorted (const UT_ValArray< const SIM_Object * > &src, SIM_PtrArraySorted &duplicates)
void merge (const SIM_PtrArraySorted &src)
void mergeSelected (const SIM_PtrArraySorted &src, bool(*selectfunc)(const SIM_Object *))
void appendUnsafe (const SIM_Object *ptr)
const UT_ValArray< const
SIM_Object * > & 
getRawArray () const
UT_ValArray< const SIM_Object * > & getRawArray ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int compareConstObjectId (const SIM_Object *const *, const SIM_Object *const *)

Detailed Description

Holds pointers to a number of const SIM_Object objects.

Definition at line 56 of file SIM_ObjectArray.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SIM_ConstObjectArray::SIM_ConstObjectArray ( )

Definition at line 60 of file SIM_ObjectArray.h.

SIM_ConstObjectArray::~SIM_ConstObjectArray ( )

Definition at line 63 of file SIM_ObjectArray.h.

Member Function Documentation

static int SIM_ConstObjectArray::compareConstObjectId ( const SIM_Object *const ,
const SIM_Object *const  

This function is used for sorting the objects in the array. It compares objects using the object id values.

void SIM_ConstObjectArray::filterConst ( const SIM_DataFilter filter,
SIM_ConstObjectArray filtered 
) const

Fills an array with all the objects in this array that match the supplied filter.

const SIM_Object* SIM_ConstObjectArray::findObjectById ( int  objectid) const

This function returns a pointer the the SIM_Object with the specified object id. If the object id is not found, it returns null.

int SIM_ConstObjectArray::findPositionById ( int  objectid) const

This function returns the index within the array of the object with the specified id.

const SIM_ConstObjectArray& SIM_ConstObjectArray::operator= ( const SIM_ObjectArray src)

An assignment operator to copy a SIM_ObjectArray into a SIM_ConstObjectArray.

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