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SdfAbstractDataSpecVisitor Class Referenceabstract

#include <abstractData.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual SDF_API ~SdfAbstractDataSpecVisitor ()
virtual SDF_API bool VisitSpec (const SdfAbstractData &data, const SdfPath &path)=0
virtual SDF_API void Done (const SdfAbstractData &data)=0

Detailed Description

Base class for objects used to visit specs in an SdfAbstractData object.

See Also

Definition at line 587 of file abstractData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual SDF_API SdfAbstractDataSpecVisitor::~SdfAbstractDataSpecVisitor ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual SDF_API void SdfAbstractDataSpecVisitor::Done ( const SdfAbstractData data)
pure virtual

SdfAbstractData::VisitSpecs will call this after visitation is complete, even if some VisitSpec() returned false.

virtual SDF_API bool SdfAbstractDataSpecVisitor::VisitSpec ( const SdfAbstractData data,
const SdfPath path 
pure virtual

SdfAbstractData::VisitSpecs calls this function for every entry it contains, passing itself as data and the entry's path. Return false to stop iteration early, true to continue.

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