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SdfPathAncestorsRange Class Reference

#include <path.h>


struct  iterator

Public Member Functions

 SdfPathAncestorsRange (const SdfPath &path)
const SdfPathGetPath () const
iterator begin () const
iterator end () const

Detailed Description

Range representing a path and ancestors, and providing methods for iterating over them.

An ancestor range represents a path and all of its ancestors ordered from nearest to furthest (root-most). For example, given a path like /a/b.prop, the range represents paths /a/b.prop, /a/b and /a, in that order. A range accepts relative paths as well: For path a/b.prop, the range represents paths 'a/b.prop,a/banda. If a path contains parent path elements, (..), those elements are treated as elements of the range. For instance, given path../a/b, the range represents paths../a/b,../aand... This represents the same of set ofprefix` paths as SdfPath::GetPrefixes, but in reverse order.

Definition at line 1092 of file path.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SdfPathAncestorsRange::SdfPathAncestorsRange ( const SdfPath path)

Definition at line 1096 of file path.h.

Member Function Documentation

iterator SdfPathAncestorsRange::begin ( void  ) const

Definition at line 1133 of file path.h.

iterator SdfPathAncestorsRange::end ( void  ) const

Definition at line 1135 of file path.h.

const SdfPath& SdfPathAncestorsRange::GetPath ( ) const

Definition at line 1099 of file path.h.

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