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TIL_Thumbnail Class Referenceabstract

#include <TIL_Thumbnail.h>

Public Types

 Reasons for update. More...

Public Member Functions

 TIL_Thumbnail ()
virtual ~TIL_Thumbnail ()
virtual void update (UpdateReason reason)
virtual int percentComplete () const =0
 Return the percent complete (0-100). More...
virtual UT_StringHolder errorMessage () const =0
 Return any error message. More...
bool needsRefresh () const
 Tracks whether this thubnail is out of date. More...
void setNeedsRefresh ()
virtual void start (const TIL_ThumbnailParms &parms)=0
 Start thumbnail generation. More...
virtual const TIL_RastergetImage () const =0

Detailed Description

Base class to generate a thumbnail for a shader

For each thumbnail required, create an TIL_Thumbnail object. This acts as a handle to a render. By default, you'll get a sphere with the shader specified in the parms applied to it.

Definition at line 120 of file TIL_Thumbnail.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Reasons for update.


Definition at line 124 of file TIL_Thumbnail.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TIL_Thumbnail::TIL_Thumbnail ( )
virtual TIL_Thumbnail::~TIL_Thumbnail ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual UT_StringHolder TIL_Thumbnail::errorMessage ( ) const
pure virtual

Return any error message.

virtual const TIL_Raster* TIL_Thumbnail::getImage ( ) const
pure virtual

Return the RGBA raster. It's possible the raster is incomplete, but the raster will be updated as the render proceeds.

bool TIL_Thumbnail::needsRefresh ( ) const

Tracks whether this thubnail is out of date.

virtual int TIL_Thumbnail::percentComplete ( ) const
pure virtual

Return the percent complete (0-100).

void TIL_Thumbnail::setNeedsRefresh ( )
virtual void TIL_Thumbnail::start ( const TIL_ThumbnailParms parms)
pure virtual

Start thumbnail generation.

virtual void TIL_Thumbnail::update ( UpdateReason  reason)

If you want to get updates on the rendering progress, you can implement this method.

This method will likely be called by a child thread.

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