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Tf_ExpiryNotifier Class Reference

#include <expiryNotifier.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static TF_API void Invoke (void const *p)
static TF_API void SetNotifier (void(*func)(void const *))
static TF_API void Invoke2 (void const *p)
static TF_API void SetNotifier2 (void(*func)(void const *))

Detailed Description

Set the extra notifier function.

Objects derived from TfWeakBase can request that extra notification be performed when they expire. Objects that do not request extra notification do not suffer any performance penalty when they expire, while objects that request the notification will have the extra notifier function run on them, with the address returned by TfWeakPtr::GetUniqueIdentifier() passed to the notifier function.

An object requests extra notification be performed by calling wp.RequestExtraNotification() where wp is a TfWeakPtr pointing to the object in question.

This functions sets the extra notifier function to func. At present, this notifier is intended to be used only by the scripting system to inform the system that a particular object has expired and scripting resources devoted to that object can be discarded. Accordingly, if func is non-NULL and a previous non-NULL notifier function has been set, a fatal error is issued.

Definition at line 56 of file expiryNotifier.h.

Member Function Documentation

static TF_API void Tf_ExpiryNotifier::Invoke ( void const p)
static TF_API void Tf_ExpiryNotifier::Invoke2 ( void const p)
static TF_API void Tf_ExpiryNotifier::SetNotifier ( void(*)(void const *)  func)
static TF_API void Tf_ExpiryNotifier::SetNotifier2 ( void(*)(void const *)  func)

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