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TfErrorTransport Class Reference

#include <errorTransport.h>

Public Types

typedef TfDiagnosticMgr::ErrorList ErrorList

Public Member Functions

 TfErrorTransport ()
 Construct an empty TfErrorTransport. More...
void Post ()
bool IsEmpty () const
void swap (TfErrorTransport &other)


class TfErrorMark

Detailed Description

A facility for transporting errors from thread to thread.

Typical use is to create a TfErrorMark in the thread that is the error source (e.g. the child thread), then call TfErrorMark::Transport() or TfErrorMark::TransportTo() to lift generated errors out into a TfErrorTransport object. Later the thread that wants to sink those errors (e.g. the parent thread) invokes TfErrorTransport::Post() to post all contained errors to its own thread's error list.

Definition at line 46 of file errorTransport.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TfErrorTransport::TfErrorTransport ( )

Construct an empty TfErrorTransport.

Definition at line 52 of file errorTransport.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool TfErrorTransport::IsEmpty ( ) const

Return true if this TfErrorTransport contains no errors, false otherwise.

Definition at line 63 of file errorTransport.h.

void TfErrorTransport::Post ( )

Post all contained errors to the current thread's error list, leaving this TfErrorTransport empty.

Definition at line 56 of file errorTransport.h.

void TfErrorTransport::swap ( TfErrorTransport other)

Swap this TfErrorTransport's content with other. This provides a lightweight way to move the contents of one TfErrorTransport to another.

Definition at line 68 of file errorTransport.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class TfErrorMark

Definition at line 73 of file errorTransport.h.

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