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UT_NullThread Class Reference

#include <UT_Thread.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for UT_NullThread:

Public Member Functions

 UT_NullThread ()
 ~UT_NullThread () override
bool startThread (UTthreadFunc func, void *data, int stacksize) override
void killThread () override
int waitThread (int block) override
void waitForState (State) override
int suspendThread () override
int restartThread () override
int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const override
 NOTE: This level doesn't own any data apart from itself. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from UT_Thread
virtual ~UT_Thread ()
bool startThread (UTthreadFunc func, void *data)
virtual void threadStarted ()
virtual void threadEnded ()
virtual int isResourceHog () const
virtual State getState ()
virtual SpinMode getSpinMode ()
virtual void setSpinMode (SpinMode spin_mode)
int isActive ()

Protected Member Functions

void setState (State state) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UT_Thread
virtual int isValid ()
void killIdle ()
 UT_Thread (SpinMode spin_mode, bool uses_tbb)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from UT_Thread
enum  State { ThreadIdle, ThreadRunning }
enum  SpinMode { ThreadSingleRun, ThreadLowUsage }
using TerminateFunc ) = void(*)(
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UT_Thread
static UT_ThreadallocThread (SpinMode spin_mode, bool uses_tbb=true)
static int getNumProcessors ()
static int activeThreadCount ()
 This is only valid in debug builds. More...
static void resetNumProcessors ()
static ut_thread_id_t getMyThreadId ()
static ut_thread_id_t getMainThreadId ()
static int getMainSequentialThreadId ()
static int isMainThread ()
static bool isUTThreadCurrent ()
static bool isThreadingEnabled ()
static bool setThreadingEnabled (bool will_be_enabled)
static void pause (uint cycles)
static void yield (bool higher_only=false)
static int getMySequentialThreadIndex ()
static void configureMaxThreads (int maxthreads=0)
static void configureThreadStackSize (int stacksize)
static bool isMaxThreadsConfigured ()
 Returns true if configureMaxThreads() has been called at least once. More...
static bool minimizeThisThreadPriority ()
static TerminateFunc getTaskSchedulerExitCallback ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from UT_Thread
static voidthreadWrapper (void *data)
- Protected Attributes inherited from UT_Thread
volatile State myState
SpinMode mySpinMode
UTthreadFunc myCallback
const UT_TaskScopemyTaskScope
bool myUsesTBB

Detailed Description

Definition at line 330 of file UT_Thread.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_NullThread::UT_NullThread ( )
UT_NullThread::~UT_NullThread ( )

Member Function Documentation

int64 UT_NullThread::getMemoryUsage ( bool  inclusive) const

NOTE: This level doesn't own any data apart from itself.

Implements UT_Thread.

Definition at line 345 of file UT_Thread.h.

void UT_NullThread::killThread ( )

Implements UT_Thread.

int UT_NullThread::restartThread ( )

Implements UT_Thread.

void UT_NullThread::setState ( State  state)

Implements UT_Thread.

bool UT_NullThread::startThread ( UTthreadFunc  func,
void data,
int  stacksize 

Implements UT_Thread.

int UT_NullThread::suspendThread ( )

Implements UT_Thread.

void UT_NullThread::waitForState ( State  )

Implements UT_Thread.

int UT_NullThread::waitThread ( int  block)

Implements UT_Thread.

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