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UT_PerfMonStatDefinition Class Reference

Definition of a collected statistic. More...

#include <UT_PerfMonStats.h>

Public Member Functions

 UT_PerfMonStatDefinition ()
 UT_PerfMonStatDefinition (const char *name, UT_PerfMonCategory category, UT_PerfMonStatType type, bool is_diff=false)
const UT_StringHoldername () const
UT_PerfMonCategory category () const
UT_PerfMonStatType type () const
bool isDiff () const
void setName (const char *name)
void setCategory (UT_PerfMonCategory category)
void setType (UT_PerfMonStatType type)
void setIsDiff (bool is_diff)
void save (UT_JSONWriter &writer) const
bool operator== (const UT_PerfMonStatDefinition &def) const

Static Public Member Functions

static const UT_StringHoldertotalTimeStatName ()
 Return the name used for the total time stats. More...
static const UT_StringHoldermemoryGrowthStatName ()
 Return the name used for the memory growth stats. More...
static void getRootStatName (const UT_PerfMonStatDefinition &def, UT_WorkBuffer &root_stat_name)
static void getSelfStatName (const char *root_stat_name, UT_WorkBuffer &self_stat_name)
static void getCountStatName (const char *root_stat_name, UT_WorkBuffer &count_stat_name)
static void getAverageStatName (const char *root_stat_name, UT_WorkBuffer &avg_stat_name)
static void getMinStatName (const char *root_stat_name, UT_WorkBuffer &min_stat_name)
static void getMaxStatName (const char *root_stat_name, UT_WorkBuffer &max_stat_name)
static void getDiffStatName (const char *src_stat_name, UT_WorkBuffer &diff_stat_name)

Detailed Description

Definition of a collected statistic.

Definition at line 40 of file UT_PerfMonStats.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::UT_PerfMonStatDefinition ( )
UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::UT_PerfMonStatDefinition ( const char *  name,
UT_PerfMonCategory  category,
UT_PerfMonStatType  type,
bool  is_diff = false 

Member Function Documentation

UT_PerfMonCategory UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::category ( ) const
static void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::getAverageStatName ( const char *  root_stat_name,
UT_WorkBuffer avg_stat_name 
static void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::getCountStatName ( const char *  root_stat_name,
UT_WorkBuffer count_stat_name 
static void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::getDiffStatName ( const char *  src_stat_name,
UT_WorkBuffer diff_stat_name 
static void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::getMaxStatName ( const char *  root_stat_name,
UT_WorkBuffer max_stat_name 
static void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::getMinStatName ( const char *  root_stat_name,
UT_WorkBuffer min_stat_name 
static void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::getRootStatName ( const UT_PerfMonStatDefinition def,
UT_WorkBuffer root_stat_name 
static void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::getSelfStatName ( const char *  root_stat_name,
UT_WorkBuffer self_stat_name 
bool UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::isDiff ( ) const
static const UT_StringHolder& UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::memoryGrowthStatName ( )

Return the name used for the memory growth stats.

const UT_StringHolder& UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::name ( void  ) const

Definition at line 50 of file UT_PerfMonStats.h.

bool UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::operator== ( const UT_PerfMonStatDefinition def) const
void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::save ( UT_JSONWriter writer) const
void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::setCategory ( UT_PerfMonCategory  category)
void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::setIsDiff ( bool  is_diff)
void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::setName ( const char *  name)
void UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::setType ( UT_PerfMonStatType  type)
static const UT_StringHolder& UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::totalTimeStatName ( )

Return the name used for the total time stats.

UT_PerfMonStatType UT_PerfMonStatDefinition::type ( ) const

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