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UTsignalHandlerArg Class Reference

#include <UT_Signal.h>

Public Member Functions

 UTsignalHandlerArg (int signal_num)
 UTsignalHandlerArg (const UTsignalHandlerArg &sig_arg)
int getSignalNum () const
void setSignalContext (void *opaque_cpu_context)
const voidgetOpaqueCPUContext () const
int getDepthFromSignalHandler () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 108 of file UT_Signal.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UTsignalHandlerArg::UTsignalHandlerArg ( int  signal_num)

Definition at line 111 of file UT_Signal.h.

UTsignalHandlerArg::UTsignalHandlerArg ( const UTsignalHandlerArg sig_arg)

Increment the depth from the signal handler in the copy constructor. That way, as the signal handler argument is passed from the signal handler function to other functions, we'll know how far back up in the stack the original signal handler function is.

Definition at line 121 of file UT_Signal.h.

Member Function Documentation

int UTsignalHandlerArg::getDepthFromSignalHandler ( ) const

Definition at line 145 of file UT_Signal.h.

const void* UTsignalHandlerArg::getOpaqueCPUContext ( ) const

Definition at line 143 of file UT_Signal.h.

int UTsignalHandlerArg::getSignalNum ( ) const

Definition at line 130 of file UT_Signal.h.

void UTsignalHandlerArg::setSignalContext ( void opaque_cpu_context)

Definition at line 139 of file UT_Signal.h.

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