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VOP_CodeVarMapper Class Reference

#include <VOP_CodeVarMapper.h>


struct  KeyHasher

Public Types

using KeyType = std::pair< VOP_Node *, VOP_CodeVarMapperContext * >

Public Member Functions

 VOP_CodeVarMapper ()
 ~VOP_CodeVarMapper ()
VOP_CodeVarMapperEntryfindOrAddEntry (VOP_Node *node, VOP_CodeVarMapperContext *context)
VOP_CodeVarMapperEntryfindEntry (VOP_Node *node, VOP_CodeVarMapperContext *context) const
const VOP_CodeVarMapperEntrygetEntry (int idx) const
int getNumEntries () const
void addExtraType (const VOP_TypeInfo &type_info)
const VOP_TypeInfogetExtraType (int idx) const
int getNumExtraTypes () const

Detailed Description

Container class that keeps track of all var mapper entries, that is infos about output varialbe names for each vop node in a given mapper context.

Definition at line 109 of file VOP_CodeVarMapper.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 112 of file VOP_CodeVarMapper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VOP_CodeVarMapper::VOP_CodeVarMapper ( )
VOP_CodeVarMapper::~VOP_CodeVarMapper ( )

Member Function Documentation

void VOP_CodeVarMapper::addExtraType ( const VOP_TypeInfo type_info)

Some nodes use temporary variables with custom types, and types are inspected and automatically defined (if necessary) when declaring variables for the outputs. If no output is of that custom type, the type won't be defined. So, VOPs can use extra types list to indicate which custom types need definition in the generated code.

VOP_CodeVarMapperEntry* VOP_CodeVarMapper::findEntry ( VOP_Node node,
VOP_CodeVarMapperContext context 
) const
VOP_CodeVarMapperEntry* VOP_CodeVarMapper::findOrAddEntry ( VOP_Node node,
VOP_CodeVarMapperContext context 
const VOP_CodeVarMapperEntry* VOP_CodeVarMapper::getEntry ( int  idx) const
const VOP_TypeInfo& VOP_CodeVarMapper::getExtraType ( int  idx) const
int VOP_CodeVarMapper::getNumEntries ( ) const
int VOP_CodeVarMapper::getNumExtraTypes ( ) const

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