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VOP_ExtraVarRequests Class Reference

#include <VOP_CodeGenerator.h>

Public Member Functions

void requestVarFrom (VOP_Node &vop, const VOP_FunctionArgInfo &var)
const UT_Array
< VOP_FunctionArgInfo > * 
getRequestedVars (VOP_Node &vop) const
 Obtains a list of variables requested from given vop. More...

Detailed Description

=========================================================================== A container for requesting generation of code that computes optional variables. Some nodes downstream may express an interest in a variable value that is not computed by default, and this is a mechanism to pass requests for such values to the nodes upstream (which generate code first). Eg, shader nodes may not include hidden exports in the shader function call, unless explictly requested.

Definition at line 875 of file VOP_CodeGenerator.h.

Member Function Documentation

const UT_Array<VOP_FunctionArgInfo>* VOP_ExtraVarRequests::getRequestedVars ( VOP_Node vop) const

Obtains a list of variables requested from given vop.

void VOP_ExtraVarRequests::requestVarFrom ( VOP_Node vop,
const VOP_FunctionArgInfo var 

Registers a request for a given vop to generate code for the otherwise optional variable var.

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