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ev_Vector Class Reference

#include <EX_Vector.h>

Public Member Functions

 ev_Vector (int size=1)
 ev_Vector (const ev_Vector &src)
 ~ev_Vector ()
ev_Vectoroperator= (const ev_Vector &src)=delete
int getSize () const
fpreal getValue (int idx) const
fpreal fastGet (int idx) const
void setValue (int idx, fpreal val)
void fastSet (int idx, fpreal val)
void copy (const ev_Vector &src)
void add (const ev_Vector &src)
void sub (const ev_Vector &src)
void times (fpreal scalar)
void times (const ev_Matrix &src)
void getVector3 (UT_Vector3R &v) const
void getVector4 (UT_Vector4R &v) const
void setVector3 (const UT_Vector3R &v)
void setVector4 (const UT_Vector4R &v)
int castFrom (const char *str)
int castFrom (fpreal val)
int castFrom (ev_Matrix &from)
int castTo (ev_Matrix &to) const
int castToFloat (fpreal &rval) const
char * castToString () const
int scan (const char *str)
fpreal operator() (int idx) const
fpreal operator[] (int idx) const
void grow (int newsize)

Detailed Description


Definition at line 24 of file EX_Vector.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ev_Vector::ev_Vector ( int  size = 1)
ev_Vector::ev_Vector ( const ev_Vector src)
ev_Vector::~ev_Vector ( )

Member Function Documentation

void ev_Vector::add ( const ev_Vector src)
int ev_Vector::castFrom ( const char *  str)
int ev_Vector::castFrom ( fpreal  val)
int ev_Vector::castFrom ( ev_Matrix from)
int ev_Vector::castTo ( ev_Matrix to) const
int ev_Vector::castToFloat ( fpreal rval) const
char* ev_Vector::castToString ( ) const
void ev_Vector::copy ( const ev_Vector src)
fpreal ev_Vector::fastGet ( int  idx) const

Definition at line 35 of file EX_Vector.h.

void ev_Vector::fastSet ( int  idx,
fpreal  val 

Definition at line 37 of file EX_Vector.h.

int ev_Vector::getSize ( ) const

Definition at line 33 of file EX_Vector.h.

fpreal ev_Vector::getValue ( int  idx) const
void ev_Vector::getVector3 ( UT_Vector3R v) const
void ev_Vector::getVector4 ( UT_Vector4R v) const
void ev_Vector::grow ( int  newsize)
fpreal ev_Vector::operator() ( int  idx) const

Definition at line 60 of file EX_Vector.h.

ev_Vector& ev_Vector::operator= ( const ev_Vector src)
fpreal ev_Vector::operator[] ( int  idx) const

Definition at line 61 of file EX_Vector.h.

int ev_Vector::scan ( const char *  str)
void ev_Vector::setValue ( int  idx,
fpreal  val 
void ev_Vector::setVector3 ( const UT_Vector3R v)
void ev_Vector::setVector4 ( const UT_Vector4R v)
void ev_Vector::sub ( const ev_Vector src)
void ev_Vector::times ( fpreal  scalar)
void ev_Vector::times ( const ev_Matrix src)

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