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onnxruntime::SchemaRegistryManager Class Reference

#include <schema_registry.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for onnxruntime::SchemaRegistryManager:

Public Member Functions

void RegisterRegistry (std::shared_ptr< IOnnxRuntimeOpSchemaCollection > registry)
DomainToVersionMap GetLatestOpsetVersions (bool is_onnx_only) const override
DomainToVersionMap GetLastReleasedOpsetVersions (bool is_onnx_only) const
void GetSchemaAndHistory (const std::string &key, int max_inclusive_version, const std::string &domain, const ONNX_NAMESPACE::OpSchema **latest_schema, int *earliest_opset_where_unchanged) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from onnxruntime::IOnnxRuntimeOpSchemaCollection
const ONNX_NAMESPACE::OpSchema * GetSchema (const std::string &key, const int maxInclusiveVersion, const std::string &domain) const final

Detailed Description

SchemaRegistryManager provides a view based on built-in ONNX schema and a list of OnnxRuntimeOpSchemaRegistry as supplement.

The user needs to make sure the customized schema registry is valid, otherwise the behavior is undefined.

We may add more consistency checks later.

Definition at line 123 of file schema_registry.h.

Member Function Documentation

DomainToVersionMap onnxruntime::SchemaRegistryManager::GetLastReleasedOpsetVersions ( bool  is_onnx_only) const

Gets the last released opset versions.

is_onnx_onlyIf true, return ONNX schemas only. If false, return the schemas for all domains.
DomainToVersionMap onnxruntime::SchemaRegistryManager::GetLatestOpsetVersions ( bool  is_onnx_only) const

Gets the latest opset versions.

is_onnx_onlyIf true, return the latest ONNX schemas. If false, return the latest schemas for all domains.

Implements onnxruntime::IOnnxRuntimeOpSchemaCollection.

void onnxruntime::SchemaRegistryManager::GetSchemaAndHistory ( const std::string key,
int  max_inclusive_version,
const std::string domain,
const ONNX_NAMESPACE::OpSchema **  latest_schema,
int earliest_opset_where_unchanged 
) const

Gets the OpSchema and its history. Searches custom schema registries starting with the last one added. \ If the OpSchema is not found the default ONNX schema registry is searched.

keyOperator type.
max_inclusive_versionMaximum opset version allowed, inclusive.
domainThe domain of the operator.
[out]latest_schemaReturns the latest OpSchema if found. nullptr otherwise.
[out]earliest_opset_where_unchangedThe earliest opset version preceding max_inclusive_version where the operator is known to be unchanged.

Implements onnxruntime::IOnnxRuntimeOpSchemaCollection.

void onnxruntime::SchemaRegistryManager::RegisterRegistry ( std::shared_ptr< IOnnxRuntimeOpSchemaCollection registry)

Register a new schema registry instance.

The schema registry priority is the reverse of registration order. i.e. the last registry added will be searched first for a matching OpSchema.

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