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gusd.h File Reference
#include <UT/UT_Function.h>
#include "pxr/usd/usd/prim.h"
#include "gusd/api.h"
#include "pxr/pxr.h"
#include <string>
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typedef UT_Function
< std::string(const
std::string &)> 
typedef UT_Function< bool(const
UsdPrim &)> 


GUSD_API void GusdInit ()
GUSD_API void GusdNewGeometryPrim (GA_PrimitiveFactory *f)
GUSD_API void GusdNewGeometryIO ()
GUSD_API void GusdRegisterComputeRelativeSearchPathFunc (const GusdPathComputeFunc &func)
GUSD_API std::string GusdComputeRelativeSearchPath (const std::string &path)
GUSD_API void GusdSetAssetKind (const TfToken &kind)
GUSD_API TfToken GusdGetAssetKind ()
GUSD_API void GusdRegisterOperateOnUsdPrimFunc (const GusdUsdPrimFunc &func)
GUSD_API bool GusdOperateOnUsdPrim (const UsdPrim &prim)

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 53 of file gusd.h.

Definition at line 71 of file gusd.h.

Function Documentation

GUSD_API std::string GusdComputeRelativeSearchPath ( const std::string path)
GUSD_API TfToken GusdGetAssetKind ( )
GUSD_API void GusdInit ( )
GUSD_API void GusdNewGeometryIO ( )
GUSD_API void GusdNewGeometryPrim ( GA_PrimitiveFactory f)
GUSD_API bool GusdOperateOnUsdPrim ( const UsdPrim prim)
GUSD_API void GusdRegisterComputeRelativeSearchPathFunc ( const GusdPathComputeFunc func)
GUSD_API void GusdRegisterOperateOnUsdPrimFunc ( const GusdUsdPrimFunc func)
GUSD_API void GusdSetAssetKind ( const TfToken kind)