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rtcore_quaternion.h File Reference
#include "rtcore_common.h"
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RTC_NAMESPACE_BEGIN struct RTC_ALIGN (16) RTCQuaternionDecomposition
RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcInitQuaternionDecomposition (struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *qdecomp)
RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcQuaternionDecompositionSetQuaternion (struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *qdecomp, float r, float i, float j, float k)
RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcQuaternionDecompositionSetScale (struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *qdecomp, float scale_x, float scale_y, float scale_z)
RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcQuaternionDecompositionSetSkew (struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *qdecomp, float skew_xy, float skew_xz, float skew_yz)
RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcQuaternionDecompositionSetShift (struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *qdecomp, float shift_x, float shift_y, float shift_z)
RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcQuaternionDecompositionSetTranslation (struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *qdecomp, float translation_x, float translation_y, float translation_z)

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Definition at line 14 of file rtcore_quaternion.h.

RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcInitQuaternionDecomposition ( struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *  qdecomp)

Definition at line 34 of file rtcore_quaternion.h.

RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcQuaternionDecompositionSetQuaternion ( struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *  qdecomp,
float  r,
float  i,
float  j,
float  k 

Definition at line 54 of file rtcore_quaternion.h.

RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcQuaternionDecompositionSetScale ( struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *  qdecomp,
float  scale_x,
float  scale_y,
float  scale_z 

Definition at line 64 of file rtcore_quaternion.h.

RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcQuaternionDecompositionSetShift ( struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *  qdecomp,
float  shift_x,
float  shift_y,
float  shift_z 

Definition at line 82 of file rtcore_quaternion.h.

RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcQuaternionDecompositionSetSkew ( struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *  qdecomp,
float  skew_xy,
float  skew_xz,
float  skew_yz 

Definition at line 73 of file rtcore_quaternion.h.

RTC_FORCEINLINE void rtcQuaternionDecompositionSetTranslation ( struct RTCQuaternionDecomposition *  qdecomp,
float  translation_x,
float  translation_y,
float  translation_z 

Definition at line 91 of file rtcore_quaternion.h.