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spec.h File Reference
#include "pxr/pxr.h"
#include "pxr/usd/sdf/api.h"
#include "pxr/usd/sdf/abstractData.h"
#include "pxr/usd/sdf/identity.h"
#include "pxr/usd/sdf/declareSpec.h"
#include "pxr/usd/sdf/schema.h"
#include "pxr/usd/sdf/types.h"
#include "pxr/base/vt/value.h"
#include "pxr/base/tf/hash.h"
#include "pxr/base/tf/token.h"
#include "pxr/base/tf/type.h"
#include <iosfwd>
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class  SdfSpec


template<class HashState >
void TfHashAppend (HashState &h, const SdfSpec &x)
size_t hash_value (const SdfSpec &x)

Function Documentation

size_t hash_value ( const SdfSpec x)

Definition at line 276 of file spec.h.

template<class HashState >
void TfHashAppend ( HashState &  h,
const SdfSpec x 

Definition at line 272 of file spec.h.