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GU_Pelt::Parameters Struct Reference

#include <GU_Pelt.h>

Public Member Functions

 Parameters (int it, fpreal sc, bool ur, int uf, int vf, fpreal orient, int meth, bool ot, int h, fpreal mnu, fpreal mxu, fpreal mnv, fpreal mxv)

Public Attributes

int iterations
fpreal springconstant
bool userange
int ufrom
int vfrom
fpreal orientation
int method
bool outputtoggle
int hintpoly
fpreal minu
fpreal maxu
fpreal minv
fpreal maxv

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file GU_Pelt.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_Pelt::Parameters::Parameters ( int  it,
fpreal  sc,
bool  ur,
int  uf,
int  vf,
fpreal  orient,
int  meth,
bool  ot,
int  h,
fpreal  mnu,
fpreal  mxu,
fpreal  mnv,
fpreal  mxv 

Definition at line 75 of file GU_Pelt.h.

Member Data Documentation

int GU_Pelt::Parameters::hintpoly

Definition at line 93 of file GU_Pelt.h.

int GU_Pelt::Parameters::iterations

Definition at line 85 of file GU_Pelt.h.

fpreal GU_Pelt::Parameters::maxu

Definition at line 95 of file GU_Pelt.h.

fpreal GU_Pelt::Parameters::maxv

Definition at line 97 of file GU_Pelt.h.

int GU_Pelt::Parameters::method

Definition at line 91 of file GU_Pelt.h.

fpreal GU_Pelt::Parameters::minu

Definition at line 94 of file GU_Pelt.h.

fpreal GU_Pelt::Parameters::minv

Definition at line 96 of file GU_Pelt.h.

fpreal GU_Pelt::Parameters::orientation

Definition at line 90 of file GU_Pelt.h.

bool GU_Pelt::Parameters::outputtoggle

Definition at line 92 of file GU_Pelt.h.

fpreal GU_Pelt::Parameters::springconstant

Definition at line 86 of file GU_Pelt.h.

int GU_Pelt::Parameters::ufrom

Definition at line 88 of file GU_Pelt.h.

bool GU_Pelt::Parameters::userange

Definition at line 87 of file GU_Pelt.h.

int GU_Pelt::Parameters::vfrom

Definition at line 89 of file GU_Pelt.h.

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