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HdStShaderCode::NamedTextureHandle Struct Reference

#include <shaderCode.h>

Public Attributes

TfToken name
HdTextureType type
HdStTextureHandleSharedPtr handle
 The texture. More...
size_t hash

Detailed Description

Information necessary to bind textures and create accessor for the texture.

Definition at line 142 of file shaderCode.h.

Member Data Documentation

HdStTextureHandleSharedPtr HdStShaderCode::NamedTextureHandle::handle

The texture.

Definition at line 154 of file shaderCode.h.

size_t HdStShaderCode::NamedTextureHandle::hash

A hash unique to the corresponding asset; used to split draw batches when not using bindless textures.

Definition at line 158 of file shaderCode.h.

TfToken HdStShaderCode::NamedTextureHandle::name

Name by which the texture will be accessed, i.e., the name of the accesor for thexture will be HdGet_name(...).

Definition at line 146 of file shaderCode.h.

HdTextureType HdStShaderCode::NamedTextureHandle::type

Equal to handle->GetTextureObject()->GetTextureType(). Saved here for convenience (note that name and type completely determine the creation of the texture accesor HdGet_name(...)).

Definition at line 152 of file shaderCode.h.

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