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HdStShaderCode::NamedTextureHandle Struct Reference

#include <shaderCode.h>

Public Attributes

TfToken name
HdTextureType type
HdStTextureHandleSharedPtr handle
 The texture. More...
SdfPath textureSourcePath

Detailed Description

The old texture system relied on the scene delegate to load textures. This system will soon be deprecated (including HdTextureResource and HdSceneDelegate::GetTextureResource) in favor of a new system where the render delegate is loading textures (by allocating HdStTextureHandle). During the transition period, both, HdTextureResource and HdStTextureHandle can be used at the same time by populating both GetTextures() and GetNamedTextureHandles() - in particular, we can use the new texture system for texture types that it already supports and keep using the old texture system for the unsupported texture types. Information necessary to bind textures and create accessor for the texture.

Definition at line 168 of file shaderCode.h.

Member Data Documentation

HdStTextureHandleSharedPtr HdStShaderCode::NamedTextureHandle::handle

The texture.

Definition at line 180 of file shaderCode.h.

TfToken HdStShaderCode::NamedTextureHandle::name

Name by which the texture will be accessed, i.e., the name of the accesor for thexture will be HdGet_name(...).

Definition at line 172 of file shaderCode.h.

SdfPath HdStShaderCode::NamedTextureHandle::textureSourcePath

The path of the corresponding texture prim - used to compute the hash for draw batches when not using bindless textures.

Definition at line 184 of file shaderCode.h.

HdTextureType HdStShaderCode::NamedTextureHandle::type

Equal to handle->GetTextureObject()->GetTextureType(). Saved here for convenience (note that name and type completely determine the creation of the texture accesor HdGet_name(...)).

Definition at line 178 of file shaderCode.h.

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