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HdxShadowTaskParams Struct Reference

#include <shadowTask.h>

Public Member Functions

 HdxShadowTaskParams ()

Public Attributes

GfVec4f overrideColor
GfVec4f wireframeColor
bool enableLighting
bool enableIdRender
bool enableSceneMaterials
float alphaThreshold
bool depthBiasEnable
float depthBiasConstantFactor
float depthBiasSlopeFactor
HdCompareFunction depthFunc
HdCullStyle cullStyle

Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file shadowTask.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HdxShadowTaskParams::HdxShadowTaskParams ( )

Definition at line 61 of file shadowTask.h.

Member Data Documentation

float HdxShadowTaskParams::alphaThreshold

Definition at line 81 of file shadowTask.h.

HdCullStyle HdxShadowTaskParams::cullStyle

Definition at line 86 of file shadowTask.h.

float HdxShadowTaskParams::depthBiasConstantFactor

Definition at line 83 of file shadowTask.h.

bool HdxShadowTaskParams::depthBiasEnable

Definition at line 82 of file shadowTask.h.

float HdxShadowTaskParams::depthBiasSlopeFactor

Definition at line 84 of file shadowTask.h.

HdCompareFunction HdxShadowTaskParams::depthFunc

Definition at line 85 of file shadowTask.h.

bool HdxShadowTaskParams::enableIdRender

Definition at line 79 of file shadowTask.h.

bool HdxShadowTaskParams::enableLighting

Definition at line 78 of file shadowTask.h.

bool HdxShadowTaskParams::enableSceneMaterials

Definition at line 80 of file shadowTask.h.

GfVec4f HdxShadowTaskParams::overrideColor

Definition at line 76 of file shadowTask.h.

GfVec4f HdxShadowTaskParams::wireframeColor

Definition at line 77 of file shadowTask.h.

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