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HfPluginDesc Struct Reference

#include <pluginDesc.h>

Public Attributes

TfToken id
std::string displayName
int priority

Detailed Description

Common structure used to report registered plugins in one of the plugin registries. The id token is used for internal api communication about the name of the plugin. displayName is a human readable name given to the plugin intended to be used in menus. priority is used to provide an ordering of plugins. The plugin with the highest priority is determined to be the default (unless overridden by the application). In the event of a tie the string version of id is used to sort alphabetically ('a' has priority over 'b').

Definition at line 47 of file pluginDesc.h.

Member Data Documentation

std::string HfPluginDesc::displayName

Definition at line 49 of file pluginDesc.h.

TfToken HfPluginDesc::id

Definition at line 48 of file pluginDesc.h.

int HfPluginDesc::priority

Definition at line 50 of file pluginDesc.h.

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