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HgiAttachmentDesc Struct Reference

#include <attachmentDesc.h>

Public Member Functions

 HgiAttachmentDesc ()

Public Attributes

HgiFormat format
HgiAttachmentLoadOp loadOp
HgiAttachmentStoreOp storeOp
GfVec4f clearValue
bool blendEnabled
HgiBlendFactor srcColorBlendFactor
HgiBlendFactor dstColorBlendFactor
HgiBlendOp colorBlendOp
HgiBlendFactor srcAlphaBlendFactor
HgiBlendFactor dstAlphaBlendFactor
HgiBlendOp alphaBlendOp

Detailed Description

Describes the properties of a framebuffer attachment.

  • texture: The texture used as render target attachment.
  • loadOp: The operation to perform on the attachment pixel data prior to rendering.
  • storeOp: The operation to perform on the attachment pixel data after rendering.
  • clearValue: The value to clear the attachment with (r,g,b,a) or (depth,stencil,x,x)
  • blendEnabled: Determines if a blend operation should be applied to the attachment.
  • ***BlendFactor: The blend factors for source and destination.
  • ***BlendOp: The blending operation.

Definition at line 57 of file attachmentDesc.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HgiAttachmentDesc::HgiAttachmentDesc ( )

Definition at line 59 of file attachmentDesc.h.

Member Data Documentation

HgiBlendOp HgiAttachmentDesc::alphaBlendOp

Definition at line 83 of file attachmentDesc.h.

bool HgiAttachmentDesc::blendEnabled

Definition at line 77 of file attachmentDesc.h.

GfVec4f HgiAttachmentDesc::clearValue

Definition at line 76 of file attachmentDesc.h.

HgiBlendOp HgiAttachmentDesc::colorBlendOp

Definition at line 80 of file attachmentDesc.h.

HgiBlendFactor HgiAttachmentDesc::dstAlphaBlendFactor

Definition at line 82 of file attachmentDesc.h.

HgiBlendFactor HgiAttachmentDesc::dstColorBlendFactor

Definition at line 79 of file attachmentDesc.h.

HgiFormat HgiAttachmentDesc::format

Definition at line 73 of file attachmentDesc.h.

HgiAttachmentLoadOp HgiAttachmentDesc::loadOp

Definition at line 74 of file attachmentDesc.h.

HgiBlendFactor HgiAttachmentDesc::srcAlphaBlendFactor

Definition at line 81 of file attachmentDesc.h.

HgiBlendFactor HgiAttachmentDesc::srcColorBlendFactor

Definition at line 78 of file attachmentDesc.h.

HgiAttachmentStoreOp HgiAttachmentDesc::storeOp

Definition at line 75 of file attachmentDesc.h.

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