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HgiRasterizationState Struct Reference

#include <graphicsPipeline.h>

Public Member Functions

HGI_API HgiRasterizationState ()

Public Attributes

HgiPolygonMode polygonMode
float lineWidth
HgiCullMode cullMode
HgiWinding winding
bool rasterizerEnabled

Detailed Description

Properties to configure multi sampling.

  • polygonMode: Determines the rasterization draw mode of primitve (triangles).
  • lineWidth: The width of lines when polygonMode is set to line drawing.
  • cullMode: Determines the culling rules for primitives (triangles).
  • winding: The rule that determines what makes a front-facing primitive.
  • rasterizationEnabled: When false all primitives are discarded before rasterization stage.

Definition at line 160 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HGI_API HgiRasterizationState::HgiRasterizationState ( )

Member Data Documentation

HgiCullMode HgiRasterizationState::cullMode

Definition at line 167 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

float HgiRasterizationState::lineWidth

Definition at line 166 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiPolygonMode HgiRasterizationState::polygonMode

Definition at line 165 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

bool HgiRasterizationState::rasterizerEnabled

Definition at line 169 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiWinding HgiRasterizationState::winding

Definition at line 168 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

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