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HgiShaderFunctionDesc Struct Reference

#include <shaderFunctionDesc.h>

Public Member Functions

HGI_API HgiShaderFunctionDesc ()

Public Attributes

std::string debugName
HgiShaderStage shaderStage
const char * shaderCodeDeclarations
const char * shaderCode
< HgiShaderFunctionTextureDesc
< HgiShaderFunctionBufferDesc
< HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc
< HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc
< HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc
< HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc
< HgiShaderFunctionParamBlockDesc
< HgiShaderFunctionParamBlockDesc
HgiShaderFunctionComputeDesc computeDescriptor
HgiShaderFunctionTessellationDesc tessellationDescriptor
HgiShaderFunctionGeometryDesc geometryDescriptor
HgiShaderFunctionFragmentDesc fragmentDescriptor

Detailed Description

Describes the properties needed to create a GPU shader function.

  • debugName: This label can be applied as debug label for gpu debugging.
  • shaderStage: The shader stage this function represents.
  • shaderCodeDeclarations: Optional ascii shader code containing defines and type declarations which need to be emitted before generated resource bindings.
  • shaderCode: The ascii shader code used to compile the shader.
  • generatedShaderCodeOut: Optional pointer to a string that will be filled in with the ascii shader code after shader generation is complete.
  • textures: List of texture descriptions to be passed into a shader.
  • buffers: List of buffer descriptions to be passed into a shader.
  • constantParams: List of descriptions of constant params passed into a shader.
  • stageGlobalMembers: List of descriptions of params declared at global scope.
  • stageInputs: List of descriptions of the inputs of the shader.
  • stageOutputs: List of descriptions of the outputs of the shader.
  • stageInputBlocks: List of descriptions of the input blocks of the shader.
  • stageOutputsBlocks: List of descriptions of the output blocks of the shader.
  • computeDescriptor: Description of compute shader function.
  • tessellationDescriptor: Description of tessellation shader function.
  • geometryDescriptor: Description of geometry shader function.
  • fragmentDescriptor: Description of fragment shader function.

Definition at line 437 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HGI_API HgiShaderFunctionDesc::HgiShaderFunctionDesc ( )

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<HgiShaderFunctionBufferDesc> HgiShaderFunctionDesc::buffers

Definition at line 447 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

HgiShaderFunctionComputeDesc HgiShaderFunctionDesc::computeDescriptor

Definition at line 454 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::vector<HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc> HgiShaderFunctionDesc::constantParams

Definition at line 448 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::string HgiShaderFunctionDesc::debugName

Definition at line 441 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

HgiShaderFunctionFragmentDesc HgiShaderFunctionDesc::fragmentDescriptor

Definition at line 457 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::string* HgiShaderFunctionDesc::generatedShaderCodeOut

Definition at line 445 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

HgiShaderFunctionGeometryDesc HgiShaderFunctionDesc::geometryDescriptor

Definition at line 456 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

const char* HgiShaderFunctionDesc::shaderCode

Definition at line 444 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

const char* HgiShaderFunctionDesc::shaderCodeDeclarations

Definition at line 443 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

HgiShaderStage HgiShaderFunctionDesc::shaderStage

Definition at line 442 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::vector<HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc> HgiShaderFunctionDesc::stageGlobalMembers

Definition at line 449 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::vector<HgiShaderFunctionParamBlockDesc> HgiShaderFunctionDesc::stageInputBlocks

Definition at line 452 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::vector<HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc> HgiShaderFunctionDesc::stageInputs

Definition at line 450 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::vector<HgiShaderFunctionParamBlockDesc> HgiShaderFunctionDesc::stageOutputBlocks

Definition at line 453 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::vector<HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc> HgiShaderFunctionDesc::stageOutputs

Definition at line 451 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

HgiShaderFunctionTessellationDesc HgiShaderFunctionDesc::tessellationDescriptor

Definition at line 455 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::vector<HgiShaderFunctionTextureDesc> HgiShaderFunctionDesc::textures

Definition at line 446 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

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