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HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc Struct Reference

#include <shaderFunctionDesc.h>

Public Member Functions

HGI_API HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc ()

Public Attributes

std::string nameInShader
std::string type
int32_t location
int32_t interstageSlot
HgiInterpolationType interpolation
std::string role
std::string arraySize

Detailed Description

Describes a param passed into a shader or between shader stages.

  • nameInShader: The name written from the codegen into the shader file for the param.
  • type: Type of the param within the shader file.
  • location: For OpenGL, optionally specify the layout location. For Metal, if no role is specified, this generates the role
  • interstageSlot: Optionally specify an index for interstage parameters.
  • interpolation: Optionally specify the interpolation: Default, Flat or NoPerspective.
  • role: Optionally a role can be specified, like position, uv, color.
  • arraySize: If specified, generates an array type parameter with given size.

Definition at line 156 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HGI_API HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc::HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc ( )

Member Data Documentation

std::string HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc::arraySize

Definition at line 167 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

HgiInterpolationType HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc::interpolation

Definition at line 165 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

int32_t HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc::interstageSlot

Definition at line 164 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

int32_t HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc::location

Definition at line 163 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::string HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc::nameInShader

Definition at line 161 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::string HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc::role

Definition at line 166 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

std::string HgiShaderFunctionParamDesc::type

Definition at line 162 of file shaderFunctionDesc.h.

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